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What You Need to Take on a Safari for an Unforgettable Experience

A safari reminds us of the dense forests of Amazon, the deserts of Sahara and the grasslands of Savannah. Isn’t it? So can you afford to miss out any important thing on a safari? The answer is definitely no. Your expedition is a few more days to go and you are just about to start packing. All the necessities lying helter-skelter on the floor and you haven’t yet decided what to take and what not to take on the safari. Unlike short term fun holidays, a safari entails travel, adventure, excitement, fun and hassles as well. Therefore, you should be well equipped with all those items that are essential on a safari to make it an awesome experience.

The goods that you will be packing in your luggage will depend on the place where you are heading on to and the duration of your trip. People usually tend to stuff their backpacks with lot of unnecessary materials that contribute to increasing the load of their bags. Thus, you need to make a list, that will contain only those things which would prove useful to you. So what to take on safari holidays? We explain you over here.

» A Medicine Kit
Whether it’s a journey of a night or a few days trip, you should never step out of home without medicines. To be on the safe side, you should carry medicines for fever, pain, vomiting, dehydration and other minor health complications. Stuff your medicine kit with antiseptic lotions, rehydrate powder sachets, pain killers, paracetamols, insect bite creams, throat lozenges, etc. People usually take vaccinations, which is sometimes mandatory for traveling to different countries.

» Clothes and Accessories
Carrying too many clothes is not at all feasible on a safari. You can pack two clothes per day. Pack casual and light weight clothes so that you feel comfortable throughout the trip. Shorts, pants, Ts and cargo are some good options for your dress code on a safari. You can shop for long and short sleeve blouses and a good pair of safari jacket. Cool cotton shirts with three fourth pants would perfectly suit the adventurous trip. Wearing jeans would make you feel uncomfortable when you indulge yourself into adventures.

You need not deck yourself up with loads of accessories while going on a safari. A safari hat and a UV protective goggle would be useful for you. Girls should avoid heels, instead they can wear sneakers, canvas or sport shoes. Two pairs of shoes would be enough for you. Keep an extra pair of floaters if required. You can wear high boots to protect your legs while are treading through jungles. This is a general guideline to your clothing and accessories. You should pack your clothes according to the weather conditions prevailing there.

» Food and Drinks
Never set on an expedition without equipping yourself with food and water. Purchase packs of dry fruits and keep enough water with yourself. Canned foods, dry fruits, snacks and other types of dry eatables last long for a couple of days. You can also carry home cooked food, provided they are dry and dehydrated. Apart from water, you can also carry few bottles of energy drinks and cokes. Give importance to food and drinks more when kids are with you. You can also carry some extra jam, jellies and frozen foods so that they can relish them whenever hungry.

» Gears and Gadgets
The places that abound natural beauty are worth capturing with your camera. Those who are passionate about photography, will never miss out the photography equipment. Video shooting the wildlife and the scenic beauty is an experience of a lifetime. So do not forget to carry your camcorder or digital camera, or else the journey will remain incomplete. Watches, mobile phones and binoculars are also needed on a safari. Carrying laptops, music systems and GPS is a matter of personal choice. Maps and journals also prove useful for knowing the directions and jotting down your personal experiences, respectively, while traveling.

Now that you are aware of what to take on a safari, I hope you can start your packing in a much more organized way. Make a list of these things so that you do not forget anything. Till then, count days for the expedition that you are so avidly waiting for. Have fun!

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