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New Hotel Amenity: A Covid-19 Test



In the ever evolving world-wide pandemic, few industries have been hit as hard as hospitality and tourism. In the hopes that the industry will improve in 2021, hotels are looking at new ways to make it (possibly) easier and more appealing to stay.

NBC News reports that an increasing number of properties are offering guests the ability to order Covid-19 tests, with fast results, as part of a stay. The tests are usually offered in partnership with a local laboratory or medical company, and for the most part are at the guest’s own expense. “If universities, basketball teams and other large organizations can offer rapid testing, hotels should be able to provide this as well,” said Rbert Rauch, CEO and chairman of San Diego-based hotel management firm RAR Hospitality.

While the jury is still out on whether Covid-19 tests would be a useful, desired hotel amenity, its just one more way struggling businesses are trying to stay afloat.



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