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Best Destinations in the World for Snorkeling

The mystery of our oceans has fascinated mankind ever since the ancient times. We learned how to swim, to float, to dive, and eventually set sail. The seas and oceans have always beckoned us to indulge in some fine recreational activities. In fact, according to some historical accounts, one of the earliest references to snorkeling was made by the Greek philosopher, Aristotle, in his Parts of the Animals.

Snorkeling, as we know, is an essentially hassle-free activity that allows you to explore the beauty of our oceans, minus all the learning and licensing that comes with its more expensive sibling, scuba diving.

You don’t really need to watch the Discovery Channel on your HD television to experience the breathtaking beauty of our oceans. Pay a visit to any of these places, put on your snorkeling gear, and dive into the gorgeous azure abyss.

10 Amazing Destinations for Snorkeling


Child snorkeling with fishSnorkeling over white sandSnorkeling with butterfly fishSnorkeling in shallow waterSnorkeling with sharks


Fernando de Noronha, Brazil

Fernando de Noronha sits around 300 miles off the Brazilian coastline, and is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Take a dip in the Baia Do Sancho, which is home to some huge sea turtles. The waters are the calmest through August to December, but you have to plan this trip in advance, as they accept a restricted number of visitors each year.

Dean’s Blue Hole, The Bahamas

Dean’s Blue Hole is thought to be the world’s deepest blue hole, and the area surrounding it is a haven for snorkelers. It is possible to circumnavigate the hole, where the depth changes from 5 feet to a jaw-dropping 600 feet in a matter of a few laps. While you’re under, keep an eye out for turtles, dolphins, and porpoises.

Uepi Island, Solomon Islands

Uepi Island’s location off the northeastern coast of Australia should tell you everything you need to know. Uepi is a tiny barrier reef, with the Marovo Lagoon on one side, and a deep ocean on the other. A world-class snorkeling destination, people come here to dive in the clear, warm waters of the lagoon and get a glimpse of the beautiful chambered nautilus.

Menjangan Island, Bali, Indonesia

Menjangan is possibly Bali’s most protected treasure, and is a far cry from the otherwise crowded beaches that dot the main island. Menjangan offers some of the most stunning undersea visuals that include colorful corals and gorgeous sea creatures. The island itself is almost devoid of human habitation, so when you come here, come prepared with your gear and lots of sun block.

Maui, Hawaii

Name a water sport, and Hawaii has it on offer. Besides Hawaii’s obvious scenic surface beauty, the surrounding waters of the deep blue Pacific beckon all snorkeling enthusiasts. Once you take a dip, look out for the Hawaiian sea turtles, butterflyfish, and vibrant corals, clearly visible through the transparent waters.

Bay Islands, Honduras

Honduras has over 100 amazing snorkeling sites that come with high recommendations. There’s an extensive barrier reef which lies just a few hundred feet offshore from the northern side of Roatán island, and the inviting warm waters are home to tropical fish and corals of the Caribbean.

Bonaire, Leeward Antilles

Bonaire calls itself divers paradise, and with good reason. Divers and snorkelers from around the world come to Bonaire for its reputation as a premier diving destination. You’ll find the water warm and crystal clear, a feature that is typical of the Caribbean. The best things to see here are the corals and the seahorses.

Plaza Sur, Galápagos Islands

A tiny island in terms of size, Plaza Sur more than makes up for it through its oceanic wonders. Snorkelers who come here, get the awesome opportunity to come face to face with sea lions, regular inhabitants of the waters surrounding the island.

Grand Cayman Island

The reason to pack your gear and come to the Cayman Islands can be described in a single word – stingrays! Yes. Snorkeling here means that you get surrounded by hoards of Southern stingrays in sparkling clear waters.


No one needs a reason to come to Maldives. This cluster of islands in the Indian ocean sees a heavy influx of tourists every year, which includes a large number of snorkelers as well. Dive into the calm waters of the Indian ocean brimming with life, and view the corals, and perhaps even chance an encounter with the graceful lion fish.

This completes our round up of the best destinations for snorkeling in the world. But don’t let this stop you from exploring other interesting places as well. Until next time, dive safe, and don’t forget to have a whole lot of fun.

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