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With a Bit of Planning, These Cheap Honeymoon Ideas are Brilliant

Unfortunately, not all of us can have the perfect, extravagant honeymoon. However, who says a dream honeymoon has to be extravagant? In fact, you don’t necessarily have to be a millionaire in order to enjoy a blissful honeymoon with your partner. With a little bit of planning and proper research, even people who are on a limited or low budget can very well turn their dream honeymoons into reality.

The Affordable Honeymoon

Travel may have to be put off-limits when operating on a tight budget, since it is one of the costliest endeavors. If both of you like to live off a backpack, you can include travel in your blissful time.

Scour Your Own Backyard
What many people do when planning their honeymoon is immediately start listing famous honeymoon destinations, such as Italy, Jamaica, Aruba, France, Las Vegas, Bahamas, Bermuda, etc. Why not consider options in your own country for a change? There could be plenty of perfectly suitable honeymoon destinations back home, which you may not be aware of. Honeymooning in your home country would also reduce travel costs and other expenses to a good extent. Think about it!

Bed and Breakfasts
Cottage rentals, bed and breakfasts, etc., are absolutely perfect for those of you who can do without all the plush niceties and lavish 5-star treatment. Once you have selected your destination, you can use the Internet or a good travel guide to hunt for such facilities in that region. Contrary to what many people believe, a bed and breakfast can be a very warm and homely choice of accommodation. Plus, the money that you end up saving can be put to good use for other activities such as sightseeing, shopping, etc.

If both of you are avid campers who love nothing better than being in the wild, then this one should suit you to the tee! Gas up your car, load all your camping gear into the trunk, and set out for a long drive into the woods! That way, you could combine honeymoon with a nice and scenic road trip. As far as US residents are concerned, the vast number of state parks and nature parks that dot the country’s map are indicative of the plethora of camping options available for you to choose from.

Cruise vacations are a fantastic option for budget conscious honeymooners. There are quite a few luxury liners that offer honeymooners a variety of special all-inclusive package deals. This is a great idea for those of you who would love the idea of spending the entire day sunbathing, lazing around in the pool, and relaxing in the spa, followed by the unique experience of an evening candlelight dinner at sea, aboard the top deck under the starlit night sky! Sounds good?

This is a relatively new concept, and is growing quickly. In this case, the wedded couple tie up with travel agents or certain vendor websites, and prepare their own honeymoon registries. In case you want to go the digital way and are planning to design your wedding invitation in the form of a website, then you can incorporate your honeymoon registry through another webpage, within the same website itself. By means of a registry, guests can get an idea of what your honeymoon plans are, i.e., your choice of destination, your travel plans, sightseeing plans, etc. Guests can then choose to gift the couple something that is related to or would be useful for the couple’s plan.

The important thing in a honeymoon is being with the person who you have vowed to spend the rest of your life with. As long as your bond is intact, the rest is just details.

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