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Unusual Vacation Ideas That Will Help You Take a REAL Break

The perfect solution to a dull and monotonous routine is a vacation! And the perfect solution to a dull and monotonous vacation is an unusual vacation. Confused? OK! Let’s talk about it this way. Just imagine, if instead of going on a vacation that involves changing hotels, flights, and cars every now and then, what if you went on a vacation that did not require to do any of that, AND turned out to be more fun and much more fulfilling, physically and emotionally. Now, that we have your attention, we’d like to tell you about some ideas for unusual vacations that you can explore in your attempt to get away from your routine activities (read routine vacations). So, during this vacation, try something different from the usual beach vacations and the like.

Chocolate Vacation
If you love chocolate, this is probably the best and most ideal vacation that you can treat yourself to. Might not be the best idea for one in the U.S., but you’ll enjoy nonetheless. Take a trip to the countries that produce the finest chocolate in the world. Yes, we’re talking about Switzerland, Belgium and Italy. Visit all the places that you can, and taste all the different types of chocolate that you can lay your hands on. Doesn’t get better than this, does it?

(Ex)change Vacation
If you’re looking for a unique family vacation, then try this one out. If you live in a big city and need a breath of fresh air, you don’t need to spend huge amounts of money to go to different nature or rural themed resorts. Why not go for the real thing instead? Meaning, why don’t you think of visiting the nearest small town or village for a change? And by ‘for a change’ we mean the whole deal i.e., living in a small town or village with a local family for the entire vacation. You can even swap homes with them, if you want. You’ll be surprised at how homesick you’ll get. But don’t give up easily. Savor the experience.

Adventure Vacations
If you’re thinking family adventure vacations, then unusual vacation spots are the way to go for you. Go lightweight backpacking into the nearby hills or mountains. Enjoy the family camping experience and get close to nature. Living in the wilderness will definitely make you appreciate the warm bed waiting for you at home.

Rainforest Vacation
One of the most unusual family vacations that you can opt for is one in a rainforest. Yes, that’s right. Take your family along to explore and appreciate the grandeur of the tropical rainforests. Go hiking and trekking in the thick, dense forests and see how long you can survive. Just don’t make the mistake of going alone. Go along with an experienced, local person, who can find his way around.

Sit-at-Home Vacation
If you live near a beach, or own a house near a beach, and want to try ideas for unusual beach vacations, then here’s one. Don’t go anywhere! Yes, you read it right. Just stay put in your lovely beach home and while away your time looking at the gorgeous sunset, taking care of the garden and experimenting with different types of barbecue recipes! A relaxing and inexpensive vacation, don’t you think?

Learn Something New Vacation
Another idea for a cheap family vacation is to decide upon something that the entire family can learn to do, together. So, instead of racking your brains about which vacation spots to visit, you can just check out the newspaper, pick out something that your entire family can learn together, like pottery, handicrafts, gardening or any other such activity. Spend your vacation learning a new art and you’ll surely feel rejuvenated!

So, now what do you think? Are you game for some of the unusual vacations mentioned above? There are many more ideas that you can choose from. These were just a handful. So, give it some solid thought and let this vacation be one of the best ones ever!

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