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Fabulous Ideas for Your Long-awaited Couples Retreat

What is the purpose of going on a couples retreat, you ask? Well, the reasons are aplenty! Most couples do it to get away from the demands of our quotidian lives, seeking comfort in a place that is replete with open, pollution-free space, tucked away in the corner of some exotic or serene location. It is also a time to do some soul-searching and revisit those moments when things were new and exciting, thus discovering why love eventually materialized between two people.

Going back to those moments will help rekindle what is lost, solidify the bond shared, and remind both partners of why what they have is important, and cannot be lost. It takes a lot of planning and foreseeing to be able to make time for such a plan, where it would be wise to do this in advance. Or you could just give in to spontaneity, if that works! Let’s take a look at some of the best places to visit to help get away from the hustle and bustle of life, without breaking the bank, of course.

Couple Retreat Ideas within a Budget

The best way to not overshoot a budget, is to go during off-season when tourists won’t be crowding these destinations. Take advantage of these times of the year to make the most of your retreat getaway. If a week is too much to go missing from the office, plan to do it over the weekend instead. For couples who hardly ever take vacation time, a few days away from the office won’t hurt. If you do this a lot already (going away on mini trips), a weekend away from home should suffice.

Big Bend National Park
Adventure and Thrill
Keystone Resort, Colorado (USA)
Sundance Ski Resort, Utah (USA)
Aspen Meadow Resort, Aspen (USA)
Mont Tremblant Ski Resort, Quebec (Canada)
Town of Breckenridge, Colorado (USA)
Taos Ski Valley, New Mexico (USA)
The Biggest Loser Resort, Utah (USA)
Vail Mountain Resort, Colorado (USA)
Heavenly Mountain Resort, California-Nevada Border (USA)
Cayman Islands, Western Caribbean Sea (British Overseas Territory)
Fiji Islands, South Pacific Ocean (Melanesia)
Great Barrier Reef, Coral Sea (Northeast Australia)
Rest and Relaxation
Salone de Capelli, Michigan (USA)
Montage Laguna Beach Resort, California (USA)
The Lodge at Woodloch, Pennsylvania (USA)
Levni Hotel & Spa, Istanbul (Turkey)
SpaHalekulani, Hawaii (USA)
Spa Eastman, Eastman (Quebec)
DoceLunas Hotel & Spa, Jaco (Costa Rica)
Canyon Ranch Hotel & Spa, Florida (USA)
Las Ventanas al Paraiso Beach Resort, New Mexico (USA)
The Woodhouse Day Spa, Michigan (USA)
Amelia Island Plantation Resort, Florida (USA)
Manchebo Beach Resort & Spa, Eagle Beach (Aruba)
Exploration and Discovery
Tahquamenon Falls State Park, Michigan (USA)
Catalina Island, California (USA)
Gasparilla Inn & Club, Florida (USA)
Santa Ynez Valley, California (USA)
Great Smoky Mountains, Tennessee (USA)
Joshua Tree National Park, Southeastern California (USA)
High Uintas Wilderness Area, Northeastern Utah (USA)
The Kootenays, Southeastern British Columbia (Canada)
Yosemite National Park, California (USA)
Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming (USA)
Glacier National Park, Montana (USA)
Banff National Park, Alberta (Canada)
Dinosaur National Monument, Colorado-Utah Border (USA)
Big Bend National Park, Texas (USA)
Coron Islands, Northern Palawan (Philippines)
Whitehaven Beach, Whitsunday Island (Australia)
How to Plan a couples Retreat

There are certain things that you may not anticipate – fights, complaints, boredom even. What is important is to first understand the purpose of going on a couples retreat, and if this is something that both of you mutually want to do together.

Prepare Them for It
Sometimes, one of either in a relationship or marriage, isn’t entirely stoked about the retreat. So how do get them excited about it? Before going on the couples retreat, it is important that your partner is aware of these plans. Unless this is something you know they’d love, we suggest that you plan this out together, as a couple. The last thing you want is to see them checking their wrist watches or phones, wondering when the entire thing will come to an end. Draw out an itinerary so that the both of you are occupied throughout the day, finishing it with a beautiful dinner and much-needed alone time.

Book in Advance
If the couples retreat was your idea, follow through on your word and eagerness by booking for a hotel room, and arranging to be part of engaging activities once you two get there. Whether it’s a hiking activity, a trip to the spa, or a drive through scenic pastures, check out what the place has to offer and make the necessary calls.

Think of What You Want to Achieve
Some couples see a retreat as a chance to fix something that needs mending, or reassess certain factors of a relationship that need to be addressed. How does couples therapy sound? Some people actually visit a place away from home and sign up for couples therapy with reputed therapists, hoping to leave as renewed individuals with a purpose, and with gnawing questions answered. It’s a great way to analyze years of commitment, using a therapist to even out the bumps. If you think a therapist won’t help, communicate with your partner by gently probing problematic areas in your relationship, and see how it goes from there.

In a Group or Just for Two?
Some couples find it immensely helpful to plan a retreat with other couples, since it is more lively, fun, and a way to spend time with people you don’t see enough of. Visualize how you would like to plan the day, keeping certain hours aside for a little one-on-one time with your partner. It will help keep things fresh, whether it’s a group activity or not. If you really need the time alone, be open to friends and family about this – they’ll understand how much it means to you, especially if you two hardly ever get the time to spend together.

Take Only What You Need
Don’t pack your bags like you’re moving away, but take only what is absolutely required. You’re bound to do a little shopping while you’re there, so save some space for knickknacks, and the like. Make a checklist of things you’ll really need, and review each others’ lists – cross an item from his/her list that you find absolutely unnecessary to take along. Ideally, you shouldn’t take your pet with you or carry your workload/laptop. It totally ruins the idea of going on a couples retreat. And for heaven’s sake, please tell the office that you will be unavailable; persistent calls from the office can be a total turnoff.

A couples retreat can be an enriching experience, where it will help you realize just how crucial it is to spend quality time with one another. Plan these getaways at least once every six months or over the weekends every now and then, to help keep things alive.

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