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Heaven on Earth: World’s 10 Best Places to See Beautiful Flowers

World's best countries to see flowers
Without a doubt, flowers look better and ravishing in their natural surroundings, rather than in a vase. It does not come as a surprise why poets and authors never fail to mention these delicate creations in their work. Come spring, and many enthusiastic travelers around the globe flock to certain destinations to garner an experience of a lifetime.

The world always seems a better place to live in when you witness scores of flowers, stretching as far as you can see. Any place that invites with such stunning flowers is nothing less than a Shangri-la. Even the driest of deserts do not shy away from embracing the riot of colors that various flowers display.

Wondering where on earth you would possibly find places marked by a sea of beautiful flowers? The following destinations are hot favorites, especially if you want to witness how nature celebrates the arrival of spring.

Note: The flowering season depends on the amount of rainfall taking place in that particular year, and is subject to variance.
Tulips ( Haarlem, The Netherlands )

When to Visit: Mid-March – Mid-May
Haarlem (or Harlem) has been the most sought-after tulip destination since the 1630s, and is a major trading center even today. It is not just Haarlem, but most of Holland is world-famous for its tulip expo and festivals. With around 7 million flower bulbs blooming each season, Keukenhof is the main attraction when it comes to visiting tulip fields.
Lavenders ( Provence, France )

When to Visit: July – August
Since ages, lavender has been used as a scent for linens and bathing water. These sprawling landscapes of lavender are seen in the Sault area, covering the base of Mont Ventoux. The color of these beautifully-scented flowers vary from violet to indigo. If you prefer seeing a dash of yellow too, do visit Luberon, where you’ll witness sunflowers growing alongside the elegantly-textured lavenders.
Daffodils ( Cornwall, England )

When to Visit: March – April
Daffodils in England help spring to arrive in style with their canary-yellow trumpets and slender appearance. Apart from Cornwall, you can visit Cotswolds too for the pleasant experience of seeing hundreds of daffodils. Go ahead, bring out the William Wordsworth in you.
Cherry Blossoms ( Tokyo, Japan )

When to Visit: March – April
‘Hanami’, the age-old tradition of having a picnic under a cherry blossom tree is practiced and enjoyed even today. These white- and pink-flowers are seen in thousands in the Yasukuni Shrine of Tokyo. With numerous flowers lining the streets of Japan in spring, this destination should not miss your bucket list!
Sunflowers ( Tuscany, Italy )

When to Visit: Mid-July
There is no better way to describe summer than a vibrant yellow sea of sunflowers; and if that is what you’re looking for, Tuscany is the place to be. Although native to North America and South America, the sunflower has almost become synonymous to the sultry summer Italy offers.
Bluebonnets ( Texas, USA )

When to Visit: April
The state flower of Texas, bluebonnets make this area feature on the list of places to visit, not only for humans, but also for bees. Such is the number of these flowers, that the entire state of Texas is painted with blue during spring. The next time you drive or ride through this state, do capture the picturesque panorama.
Poppies ( California, USA )

When to Visit: Mid-February – Mid-May
The effect of spring is such that even the driest of deserts can come to life; the Mojave Desert is one such example. The Antelope Valley of the Mojave desert in California is particularly famous for the pretty picture it paints with blooming orange-colored peppy poppies spreading across the horizon.
Rapeseeds ( Luoping County, Yunnan, China )

When to Visit: February – Early April
Now, this is one destination that is a heaven on Earth for all photographers. The stunning yellow rapeseed flowers put up quite a show in the small Luoping County of China. Despite its puzzling weather, which can vary each day, these continuous stretches of fields never fail to impress its audience.
Russell Lupines ( Lake Tekapo, Canterbury, New Zealand )

When to Visit: Mid-November – January
Only a handful of places offer the kind of visual treat Lake Tekapo provides with its aquamarine-colored water, lined with Russell lupines. The hues of purple of the lupines act as a piece of puzzle that fits perfectly in the backdrop of a crystal clear lake and the Southern Alps.
Desert Flowers ( Namaqualand Desert Region, South Africa )

When to Visit: August – October
Take the road less traveled and go for a safari in the semi-arid region of South Africa. The vivacious display of wild flowers is bound to leave you flabbergasted. Here, around 4,000 different species of flowering plants have been recorded so far; and I am pretty sure none of them will let you down!
This was just a sliver of what our nature has to offer; the enthralling sight of spectrum of colors is only the beginning. Don’t blame me if you’re already packing your bags.

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