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A Totally Epic Month-by-month Guide for Honeymoon Destinations

Best honeymoon destinations for july and january

Where to go in January

Barbados is a great honeymoon option to visit in the month of January. Its romantic and fantastic sightseeing, chilled-out vibe, gentle breeze, and hot and dry weather offers the perfect conditions to spend your time wonderfully. It also has a great nightlife and stylish restaurants.

Visit the Maldives in Jan for its dry weather, long duration of sunshine, romantic and spectacular resorts, over-water villas, and underwater spas.

You’d love to explore Koh Samui in Thailand to experience all the romance, excitement, fantastic beaches, and of course the delicious food.

Queenstown in New Zealand is good to explore due to its beautiful landscapes and bright days, which lets you enjoy many outdoor attractions. Spend time on the beaches, travel the Bay of Islands by boat, go hiking along the mountains, or taste some delicious wines.
Where to go in February

Escape to Tanzania in Africa for its reliable temperature, long hours of sunshine, great drives in open safari vehicles, picturesque walks, and boat trips along the Rufiji River.

For your honeymoon trip, in Cambodia you could visit Angkor Wat and many other temples that have been hidden for a long time. Ride elephants in the forests, or even take a nap on a floating river lodge.

In India, Coorg offers beautiful landscapes and acres of plantations, allowing for trekking, bird-watching, or lazily ambling down the ways surrounding the hills.

If you love history and monuments, in Khajuraho, you would get to see beautiful sculptures on the Nagara architectural style temples.
Where to go in March

If you are looking for an adventurous holiday, head to Hawaii. This is a great destination for honeymooners to visit in March, due to its golden beaches and dramatic islands.

For a honeymoon filled with the perfect city life, visit Singapore; a lot of shopping and multi-cuisine restaurants await you.

Langkawi in Malaysia is known for its exotic beaches and culture. Go to the Cameron Highlands in March to see the spectacular rainforests, rivers, and tea plantations.

Explore Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, which has many beautiful beaches that will leave you relaxed and stress-free in no time. Also visit the cosmopolitan cities, fabulous islands and beaches, along with Uluru and the Great Barrier Reef.
Where to go in April

Try breathtaking Bora Bora, which is one of the French Polynesian Islands, and the perfect honeymoon destination to visit in April. Although expensive, it is worth a visit, due to its paradise beaches, mind-blowing lagoons, idyllic hideaways, and pleasant and ideal ambiance.

In Africa, escape to Mozambique, which is a haven for beach lovers. It has amazing lagoons, romantic resorts, coral reefs, sailing cruises on traditional dhows, and wildlife safaris. All this besides the atmosphere being stress-free.

Vietnam is also great for honeymooners. Explore the limestone landscapes of Halong Bay and Mekong Delta by boat. Go trekking in the rice-terraced hills around Sapa, and enjoy the cities of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

Manali is a very popular honeymoon and tourist destination. It offers some of the best natural beauties, romantic weather, adventure sports, swaying fields, and a lovely view of the Himalayas.
Where to go in May

The month of May is a good time to escape to the beautiful and spiritual island of Bali in Indonesia, for its natural and exotic scenery and volcanic black sand beaches.

The Seychelles islands, with its truly amazing wildlife and spectacular beach fronts, makes for a perfect hot spot for honeymooners. The prices are also cheaper in this month, especially compared to July and August.

Mauritius, the beautiful island in the Indian Ocean, is a great place to honeymoon. In May, it will be less humid, with temperatures around 28ºC, and 9 hours of sunshine, which makes it good for lazing around on the beach or exploring the beautiful countryside.

In China, go exploring this magnificent spectacle, the Great Wall and the Forbidden City. All sections of the wall can be visited without an organized tour. However, in case you want to go with a tour company, make sure you know what all is included in the tour package.
Where to go in June

June is a great time to visit Canada due to its natural beauty. Ride the railroads on the Rocky Mountains, or take a self-drive Mountain Express tour of Banff, Jasper National Park, Calgary, and Vancouver.

Visit the islands in the Adriatic coast of Croatia in Europe, which has great hotels, food, and exciting boat trips.

Costa Rica is a wonderful destination for outdoor activities like trekking in the rainforest, seeing wildlife, and visiting beautiful beaches and volcanoes.

The beaches in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil offer wonderful and thrilling adventure opportunities. City life too here is a great experience.
Where to go in July

Paris is a picture-perfect destination for couples, because it offers breathtaking scenery, pleasant weather conditions, and different outdoor activities too. It’s known as one of the most romantic cities in the world.

Spend your time in Bregenz, the capital of the state of Vorarlberg in Austria, which lies at the foot of the Pfänder Mountain. Take a view from the top of the Pfänder and get lost in the charming greenery, perfectly manicured landscapes, fresh air, and snow-capped mountains. Bregenz is also famous for its festivals and cultural institutions, including world-class museums and art galleries. Popular activities are strolling, boating, and swimming.

The picturesque town of Interlaken has numerous excursions, historical structures, lovely snow-capped mountains, riversides, and beautiful hills. It is a breathtaking and enigmatic destination for honeymooners, as well as adventure and nature lovers. The main tourist attractions are Jungfrau Mountain Peaks, Harder Kulm, and Schynige Platte. You can also spend some days in Lucerene, and enjoy exotic landscapes and adventures in Mount Titlis.

Prague is a great place to explore. Take a walk along the Charles Bridge early in the morning, as there is less crowd then. Also visit the magnificent Prague Castle and Museum, Dancing House, and the lovely Petrin Hill.
Where to go in August

Scotland is the perfect romantic destination, be it for striding across the heather, taking boat trips on lakes, or tucking into a wonderful dinner of scallops and beef.

There are many destinations in Europe to go on a honeymoon for. However, choosing Amsterdam is great, as it is less expensive than other cities. Also, Amsterdam is one of the most romantic places in Europe. There are numerous water canals, colorful sightseeing points, and beautiful valleys filled with windmills and tulips. From June to September, music and dance activities take place in the largest green space in Amsterdam, the Vondelpark.

Enjoy the best sunshine in the Greek island of Santorini, which is one of the most romantic islands in the whole of Europe.

Sikkim, in India, offers great weather, stunning landscapes, fabulous food, and numerous outdoor activities; a great option for honeymooners.
Where to go in September

Visit Cappadocia, a hot destination in Turkey. Don’t miss out on taking a hot air balloon ride over the area to see some breathtaking historical cave and tunnel formations.

If you are on an adventure type of honeymoon, you could raft up and down the Grand Canyon and the Rockies in Alaska.

Venice is yet another good option in September. See all the major sites like the magnificent piazza San Marco, St. Mark’s Basilica (Basilica di San Marco), Doge’s Palace, and St. Mark’s Clocktower. Also, experience the wonderful gondola ride. Shop around the streets for beautiful glass jewelry and home decor. Travel on the Venice-Simplon Orient Express to see all around Europe.

Visit this amazing and small piece of heaven in India, Ladakh, to explore the steep rocky ridges, calm Pangong Lake, and the spellbinding surroundings.
Where to go in October

In Egypt, take a Nile cruise, explore the Valley of the Kings, and laze around on a beach near the Red Sea. Spend a few nights in Cairo to see the famous Egyptian Pyramids.

The Algarve in Portugal enjoys wonderful weather in October. There are a great selection of hotels to stay in too over here.

October is a great time to visit Madagascar for its ideal temperature, long hours of sunshine, sparkling forests, and white sandy beaches. Explore the rainforest while staying at the Vakona Forest Lodge. Then, you can laze around at the beach near the Anjajavy Hotel.

Tuscany, in Italy, is welcoming and gorgeous in October, to watch the beautiful countryside amid hilltop towns and rolling hills. Prices here are down at this time of the year due the absence of summer crowds, and hence all the more enjoyable. There is ample opportunity to soak up the art and architecture, enjoy the taste of delicious food and wine, and simply laze around.
Where to go in November

Dubai is a great place to visit in November for its awesome beach weather, long hours of sunshine, and a number of stylish and great hotels. The waters surrounding the coastline are calm and serene, and so it’s a perfect place for water sports. Then there are other great places to visit, such as Palm Islands, the Dubai Mall, Burj Khalifa, besides many others. Some fabulous duty-free shopping, desert safaris, camel racing, and sand skiing are not to be missed.

Mexico is a great option for honeymooners to see the beaches and towns of the Yucatán Peninsula, and experience one of the country’s most fascinating festivals.

In November, head off to Goa in India, if you are after stunning beaches, fabulous food and wine, water sports, fabulous hotels and restaurants, and a great social atmosphere during this festive period.

Explore Turkey’s fascinating capital Istanbul for its rich culture and traditions, astonishing landmarks, vibrant nightlife, and lovely views.
Where to go in December

Morocco is one of the most romantic destinations ever. Explore the Atlas Mountains, the mosques of Marrakesh, and the coastline in Morocco. You would be left asking for more.

Visit the exotic country of Oman, where you find many natural attractions, enthralling landscapes, and beautiful culture. The Corniche is one of the most beautiful parts of Muttrah in Muscat. It has plenty of resting places, street art, and beautiful views of the market. On the opposite street there is the Souk, some good and cheap hotels, and several mosques. Also, explore the coastal town of Bandar Khayran, and the famous Wahiba Sands to take a ride up and down some magnificent sand dunes.

In December, head to Kerala to spend time in the pretty town of Kochi. Enjoy the peaceful and romantic backwaters on a house boat, along with great wildlife, temples, historic towns, rainforests, spice plantations, elephant spotting, and some lovely beach forts.
A honeymoon is meant to be unique, peaceful, sensational, and of course romantic. So, take a break from the madness of the world, and celebrate some unforgettable moments with the one who will share life with you.

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