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10 of the Very Best Pet-friendly Beaches in the United States

A trip to the beach may sound like fun, but ensure that your pet is not a menace to others by
• Keeping your dog under voice control or on a leash
• Cleaning up after your dog

The time we spend lazing on the beach makes for some amazing memories. And it only gets better when we have our pet in tow. All that follows is a lot of splashing, playing, fetching, and rolling in the sands.

Unfortunately, not all beaches permit dogs to enter the area. But there is no reason to worry, as we’ve made a list of the most amazing pet-friendly beaches in the country.

Best Pet-friendly Beaches in the US
Dog Beach, Ocean Beach, San Diego, California
Ocean beach
Located in San Diego at the end of Voltaire Street, this stretch of the Ocean Beach is very canine friendly. It has a 24-hour leash-free zone for dogs at the north end of the beach, which also includes an exercise area. The beach was established in 1972, and prides itself to be one of the first official leash-free dog beaches in the United States.
Hunting Island State Park, South Carolina
Hunting Island State Park
This island includes 5000 acres of green cover, lined by some beautifully serene beaches. You can camp on the designated grounds with your leashed dog, or explore the park, or simply go frolicking on the beach. Off-limit areas for dogs include the pier and the cabins.
Nags Head, North Carolina
Nags head north carolina
Nags Head is a long stretch of the seaside where you can take your leashed dog out on a walk. Dogs, however, are not allowed to enter any area designated for swimming. If you’re coming from out of town, there are a lot of pet-friendly hotels in the vicinity, which will allow you and your pet to have a great holiday by the sea.
Fort De Soto Park Paw Playground, Tierra Verde, Florida
The Paw Playground here is your dog’s idea of beach heaven. This fenced area has showers where your dogs can bathe, run over to the beach off-leashed, and pretty much indulge into all the madness that he wishes to. There is an entry charge of USD 5, but you may opt to buy an annual pass if you’re planning to come here frequently.
Carmel Beach City Park, Carmel, California
Carmel beach city park
No leashes here beyond the south of 10th Avenue! So your dog can roam about to its heart’s content, roll in the sand, surf on the calm waters, and even take a swim if it fancies one. Another plus is that Carmel is quite a pet-friendly town, so finding accommodation for you and your pet will be a breeze. For golf fans, the Pebble Links course is just a stone’s throw away.
Longport Dog Beach, Somers Point, New Jersey
Another leash-free beach, the Longport Dog Beach spells supreme fun for your dog. There aren’t any special rules to follow, but you need to ensure that you carry waste disposal bags and clean up after your dog. Also, ensure that you carry adequate drinking water to keep your pooch hydrated, as you won’t get it here on the beach.
Huntington Dog Beach, Huntington Beach, California
Pacific coast beach
Huntington Beach has been voted as one of the most dog-friendly cities in the United States. With this title, it isn’t a surprise to see the city’s beach featured in the list. The seaside area is maintained by a non-profit organization called the Huntington Dog Beach, which accepts donations that go towards maintaining the beach. Your dog gets to roam and frolic leash-free, and also socialize with other canines.
Dog Beach, Picnic Island Park, Tampa, Florida
Dog in ocean
All dogs tend to have a natural aversion towards fences, so it is a welcome sight when they are let out to play in a partially fenced section on the beach. Now, the dog undoubtedly is happy with this arrangement, but you need to be careful and keep a constant eye on your pet while you’re at the Dog Beach in the Picnic Island Park.
Anne’s Beach, Islamorada, Florida Keys
Annes Beach
This is a small and secluded beach which has shallow waters that are perfect for swimming, along with picnic tables. You can let your dog off the leash here, as long as he can be voice controlled effectively. Poop bags and freshwater bowls are available for your dog at the beach. There is also a deli close by if you wish to enjoy a picnic lunch here.
Brohard Paw Park and Beach, Venice, Florida
The Paw Park has special facilities for your pooch, including a dog shower, leash posts, and drinking water fountains. There is a fenced play area for dogs, which leads to the beach. Your pet needs to be restricted within this area. Other facilities provided include picnic tables and benches.
While an evening out on the beach with your beloved pet may sound perfect, please ensure that it does not pose a problem to your fellow beach-goers. Always ensure that your pet is under control, and never ventures out of the designated areas.

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