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You Need No Reason to Vacation at These Glamorous Caribbean Spots

Sun, sand, water! Beaches. Bikinis. Swimming. Rum. Bacardi. Tan. Parties. Beach volleyball. Shopping. Casinos. Surfing. More sun. More sand. More water. More beaches. Family resorts. Jungle adventures. Zoos. Scuba diving. Exotic Spas. Sharks. Dolphins. Waves. Fishing. Hiking. Coconut Trees. Carnival. Bob Marley. Music. Women. Night long parties. Dancing. Even more sun. Even more sand. Even more water. And even more beaches. I assume these are enough reasons to head to any one of the awesome Caribbean holidays.

The areas around the Caribbean sea, with all islands and surrounding coastal regions, form the Caribbean region. There are about 7000 islands, cays, and reefs in this region. All these islands are together known as West Indies. Antigua, Bahamas, Barbados, Cayman islands, Cuba, Haiti, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Trinidad, Venezuela, and Saint Lucia are some of the more famous islands in and around this region.

Best Caribbean Vacations for Families

Though known more as a place where adults have a blast, Jamaica has a lot to offer when it comes to a wonderful family outing. This place has some of the most beautiful beaches you can ever find in the world, along with a host of fun-filled family resorts. The natural beauty this place has to offer, needs to be seen to be believed. So, even if people advise to keep away from going there with your family, ignore them and visit this heavenly place.

The most stand out reason for taking your family to visit Bahamas is the Atlantis Bahamas Resort. This place has everything you can imagine and more. A huge playground for children, state-of-the-art casinos for gambling, a world-class spa for women, and an awesome water park are just a few of the several amenities this resort offers. The place is slightly expensive, but you go home with one experience of a lifetime.

For families looking for a little more adventure from their trip and not really wanting to stay indoors in beautiful resorts, Belize is the ideal place. This island is rich in the variety of flora and fauna it possesses, and hence is a treat for all nature lovers. Families can undertake unique activities like going to a gym in the middle of the jungle, exploring a zoo, shark watching, and boat trips along the river to name a few. Your kids are sure to have a great time here.

St. Lucia
Another breathtaking beautiful Caribbean island, St. Lucia is also considered to be a very peaceful and serene place. This island is chosen as a vacation spot by a lot of elite people, who do not want to be disturbed a lot and prefer having a quiet time with their family. It has amazing sights all around and ample family resorts, where everyone can enjoy to the fullest.

Best Caribbean Vacations for Singles

ABC Islands
The ABC islands are a chain of islands in the Caribbean governed by the Dutch. This chain comprises numerous islands, each of which can individually qualify for best getaways for singles. However, I’ll pick the two best for you – Curacao and Aruba. These places celebrate the most amazing carnivals (mid-February), which are attended by thousands and thousands of tourists from all over the world. The celebrations go on all through the night and when you add the casinos and shopping options, these places have to offer, there is no reason why any single soul on earth should keep away from these places.

St. Martin
Another more happening island in the Caribbean, when it comes to parties and night life, St. Martin also happens to be a preferred choice of a lot of European tourists. Probably the fact that this island is half-French and half-Dutch might have something to do with it. This place is filled with lounges, casinos, and nightclubs and some of the resorts have gone a step ahead and are offering to-and-fro facilities from all nightclubs, to ensure guests do not compromise on the fun!

Costa Rica
This is another beautiful place, famous for its greenery along with breathtaking beaches. A lot of cheap guest houses and accommodation facilities will make sure you do not burn a huge hole in your pocket. The pacific coast looks beautiful from this place, and of course the night life rocks.

Honduras’ Bay Islands
This island is more of a mixed bag of adventures, for a lot of tourists who tend to travel single. This island has Mayan ruins, scuba diving activities, jungle adventures, ecological adventures, and of course, the usual night long parties. Apart from this, horse riding, surfing, zip lining, and hiking are also available for interested tourists. Missing this place is like missing out on a lot of adventures, some of which you won’t get an opportunity to experience elsewhere.

The best time to visit any of the places mentioned above is the period from March to June. You can choose to travel between islands using either air or water transport facilities. Every island has its own individual airport and connectivity is very good. Whenever you go, one thing is always guaranteed in all Caribbean islands – Fun. And lots of it.

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