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Top 10 Destinations That’ll Guarantee You a Passionate Honeymoon

Going for a honeymoon is certainly one of the most pleasant experiences for a wedding couple. There are various places that you can visit to have a most memorable experience.

The Top Ten

It will enchant and touch you with its amazing biosphere. You’ll be left spellbound by the amazing tropical atmosphere, sea plantations, and its natural beauty. If you both are nature lovers, then this place can be an excellent affordable destination option for you. It is best to visit Mauritius around the month of August.

Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada
These falls have an amazing beauty, and imagine taking a breathtaking boat ride under them in the Maid of the Mist with your love! Fascinating! Besides this, you’ve got water all around, which will mesmerize you with its beauty and brilliance. With loads of fun activities for the newlywed couples, this place is an ‘once in a lifetime experience’.

Nice, France
Situated on the coast of the Mediterranean sea, the French Riviera is certainly one of the most amazing places to visit, especially in winters, as you get an opportunity to visit the Nice Carnival, with nearly one million people attending it. One of the best honeymoon destinations for couples who love to explore life and cultures. Get drowned in hosts of festivities and celebrations, and capture some everlasting memories!

If islands are something you’ve been craving to visit, then the Bahamas is the place to be. With plenty of islands to choose from, this destination is a perfect one for a romantic getaway.

Love and passion in Jamaica is truly beautiful. It’s a paradise for romance, vibrant nightlife, and loads of fun.

St. Lucia
Experience half Britain and half France! With blue warm water, beautiful rain forests, and the ocean stretching all around, St. Lucia is a newlywed’s paradise.

If you’re looking forward to a honeymoon that is full of water sports, as well as numerous avenues for traveling, then Tahiti can be an awesome honeymoon destination for you.

Pristine white beaches and warm breeze of Fiji will mesmerize you with its beauty. If you’re planning for a honeymoon that is full of serenity and romance, then this can be a very beautiful location. With plenty of world-class hotels and luxury suits, you can surely have an enjoyable experience in these islands.

Venice, Italy
It is an ideal destination for enchantment! The sights and sounds are amazing! Once you enter this city, you’ll be able to experience its serenity and beauty. Churches, cathedrals, narrow streets, amazing architecture, etc., are some of the things that will leave you awestruck about this city.

Bora Bora
It is often said to be the most romantic island in the world. Lush tropical slopes and crystal clear blue skies, with lagoons like a necklace, are enough to leave you spellbound.

Honeymoon Spots in the United States: The Top Ten

For a vibrant and fun filled honeymoon, US can be one of the best choices for couples. There are various reasons to choose the States as one of your honeymoon destinations. With plenty of coastlines, beaches are one of the most important tourist attractions. Some of the most beautiful beaches in the world are found in Hawaii, so you can be sure of having a gala time in the US. The jovial and dazzling nightlife of LA, California, and New York is awesome enough to give you unforgettable memories. You can also visit the desert areas like Arizona, Palm springs, etc., or you can go in for adventurous honeymoons by indulging in lots of similar activities. The best honeymoon destinations in the US are as follows:

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