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This is Not Only a Good Time to Go to Disney World, But the Best

The number of visitors to Disney World varies greatly every month. This great iconic children theme park is a dream for every child in the world. People from all around the world travel to Disney theme parks every year with their families to enjoy all sorts of rides. Although, it can happen that you come home disappointed because you couldn’t enjoy the way you wanted to. Sometimes, Disney parks are so crowded that you cannot even step inside, and with so many people, it becomes impossible to enjoy your favorite rides.

Whenever you are about to plan for a trip to Disney World, the thought of going at the right time should top your priorities. Let’s face it, you want to enjoy the rides, and you don’t want your money to be wasted. People usually opt for busiest times of the year, sure Disney parks are crowded but the peak seasons also have their benefits. During summer time, the parks are opened till 11 pm. sometimes the event is stretched till midnight. Even during Christmas and New Year’s some Disney parks are opened way after midnight. Magic Kingdom and Disney Hollywood studios are a lot of excitement after dark, there are fireworks, night parades and some amazing shows that only happen during peak seasons. Many people do suggest that peak seasons are not the best time to go there, but I feel, during the peak seasons, you will see a whole lot of attractions that are not seen on other days of the year.

Everybody that goes prays for less or probably no crowd to be present. Don’t be surprised if you find Disney parks overcrowded even on Valentine’s day. So the best way to avoid crowds is to plan your travel perfectly. Never trust Disney customer service or travel agents. Devote a little time investigating for yourself and you could save you and your family from over pushy crowds of impatient people. Never plan a Disney trip on holidays. These parks are even crowded on President’s day and Valentine’s day. Do not use your kids school schedule to plan your trip, remember holidays for different schools in different districts fall on different dates. If you really want to enjoy with your family and avoid a sea of people, pick the off seasons. You and your family will have a memorable trip.

The least busy times are just after the Thanksgiving weekend; the first or the second week of December. Just after the New Year is also considered a good time by some people. Some travel experts also say that you can also find it less crowded just before President’s day weekend. Other good months to go are May, September, and October. The best time in the summer is the first two weeks of May and the second week of August.

Many adults and newly married couples always prefer a quiet and restful place to spend quality time with each other, and you can even do it in Disney world. People generally associate Disney world with kids. You couldn’t be further from the truth. It also is an ideal choice for a romantic getaway for many couples who want to spend some quality time without their kids. Visit Disney luxurious resorts and theme parks for a wonderful stay. You can have a great stay with each other, and rejuvenate your romance there.

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