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Things You Shouldn’t Forget to Pack for a Business Trip

Must-haves on a business trip

Who doesn’t love to pack for a vacation? Admittedly, we all do. But to portray the same enthusiasm for a business trip? Nope. Not unless someone pays us (a hefty sum) to do it.

So, we’ve got formal attire. Shoes that are black or tan. Rest assured, there’s no scope for sunscreen or flip flops. Before you get all warped up in misery, here’s what you need to pack, on a printable list, if you please.

Business Trip Packing for Women

Let’s face it―most women, being on the cautious side, don’t make it any easier when it comes to any kind of packing. Even loading a makeup bag takes a lot of thinking and truckloads of restraint from going overboard. Nevertheless, here are a few tips to keep in mind before we go on to the checklist.
A business trip calls for conservative dressing, even if there is an after-hours event scheduled for later. Therefore, if you value your professional image, under no circumstances should you pack anything saucy “just in case”. It just amounts to a waste of space.
Ensure that you carry your most comfortable and sensible pair of shoes along, especially if you suspect you’ll be spending a lot of time on your feet.
Mix and match has to be your mantra for business trips―carry trouser suits or skirt suits in neutral shades, which can be paired with several blouses.
Refrain from carrying your hair salon along, as most hotels provide you with a standard hair dryer. If you absolutely must, invest in a good portable piece instead.
The same rule applies for cosmetics and hygiene products. You have to carry travel sets of cosmetics and perfumes so as to avoid increasing your baggage weight.
If traveling abroad, check the cultural norms of the country you’ll be visiting. To be on the safe side, stick to conservative dressing and pack clothes that are sleeved, with hemlines extending below the knees.

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