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Things to Know Before Traveling to London for the First Time


Use public transport in London

One of the most expensive and most visited cities in the world, London, the capital of England and the United Kingdom, is an extremely pleasant place to visit. Out-and-out cosmopolitan in nature, London is home to a huge diversity of ethnic groups with more than 300 different languages spoken in the city, apart from English―UK’s national tongue. Owing to this diversity, and the warm and cordial nature of Londoners, the city always seems to welcome her guests with open arms, and has something or the other in store for every kind of visitor.

From the most iconic architectural landmarks to the most innovative art and culture scene, from the most awe-inspiring landscapes to a plethora of culinary traditions, and from the traditional and sophisticated British etiquette to a vibrant nightlife, London has it all! However, the most enchanting aspect about the city that spreads out in concentric circles is that it seems to encompass two completely different worlds in itself. While Central London is home to some of the most iconic and busiest sites in the city, neighborhoods like Hampstead Heath and Greenwich Park offer more quieter retreats. With such a unique mix of diverse elements, London is truly enchanting.

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