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Seek the Unknown With the Most Mystical Places in the World

Energy vortexes in Sedona
All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.
– Martin Buber
There was a time when all we’d want from our travels was a sun-kissed tan. It’s still quite alright to want that, of course. But trust me, there will come a time when you’ll be wishing to embark upon a journey that takes you beyond the sunny beaches and the ski resorts.

The very fact that you’re looking up mystical places itself suggests that you’re yearning to go beyond your regular vanilla holidays. So, how about going the Robert Frost way and picking the road less traveled by?

This is exactly where the following list will come in handy. We’ve got you a hand-picked selection of destinations that embody the essence of Frost’s ‘road less traveled’. So, go ahead and indulge yourself…
Glastonbury Tor

Glastonbury would have to be a much-favored destination for two reasons. First, if you happen to be a music aficionado, and if you’re not one, then you’ve got to be a Grail enthusiast. But even if you are neither, Glastonbury’s association with the Arthurian legend will lure you right here beside the Chalice Well, at the foot of the Tor.

The Chalice Well, with its reddish-hued water, is considered to be the location where Joseph of Arimathea placed the Chalice containing Jesus Christ’s blood. For the Pagans, the Chalice Well represents the divine feminine, and the Tor, a symbol of masculinity.

There is conclusive evidence suggesting that this well has been functional since the past 2000 years, and has even endured droughts. Believers consider the waters of the Chalice Well to have healing properties.

So, whether it is out of faith or curiosity, a visit to Glastonbury is a must for those who seek mystique through their travels.

If Sedona had to be described in a word, it’s got to be ‘exhilarating’. Additionally, one also often hears the word ‘magical’ used in the context of Sedona. So, what is so special about this place that’s in the middle of the Arizonian desert?

To the seekers of spirituality, Sedona’s energy vortexes quite literally make it the Mecca of alternative healing. Sedona’s storied fame as a spiritual powerhouse is legendary among those who’ve experienced it. As for those who have not, have simply reveled in the calm serenity that envelops anyone who enters this area.

Vortices or vortexes are created anywhere, in a tornado, or a whirlpool, or any spiraling motion of liquid or energy that has a rotating center. Here in Sedona, however, the vortexes are powered not by air or water, but by spiritual energy. This is the kind of energy which is extremely conducive to meditation, spiritual healing, and prayer, since it interacts with you on a dimension that is beyond the realms of the physical.

Let me reiterate – coming to Sedona to find spiritual bliss requires a great deal of faith. But then, it wouldn’t be too wrong to say that one doesn’t casually decide to take a trip to Sedona. It is only when Sedona beckons that you begin to pack your bags…
Machu Picchu

It is interesting how humanity simply stumbled upon Machu Picchu, without ever knowing it existed in the actual. Now, as we continue to test the limits of our archeological expertise, Machu Picchu’s intrigue deepens further.

Despite being at a stone’s throw from Cusco, the ruling Spaniards in the medieval times never managed to discover it. Mistakenly thought to be the Lost City of the Incas, Macchu Picchu’s mountainous location was never visible from below, only adding to the mystery of its purpose.

After it was discovered, scores of scholars have been trying to figure out the reason behind the existence of this city, but to no avail. Some proposed it to be a royal retreat, whereas others saw it as a flourishing settlement, whose abandonment was brought about by the Spanish conquest.

Whatever the truth may be, Machu Picchu as an architectural wonder, will leave you spellbound as you travel back into time to uncover its mysteries. Who knows what you may find!
Uluru/Ayers Rock

Uluru or Ayers Rock is a large sandstone rock in Central Australia, and is one of the most recognizable landmarks of Australia.

To understand its spiritual significance, we need to go several thousand years back in time, when the ancestral beings of the Aboriginal people inhabited the land. Uluru is seen as a towering monument of their ancestors’ creation, and therefore, holds immense spiritual importance in native lore.

To view this barren hulk of a rock that dominates the desert landscape, is certainly a treat for the eyes. While you may be allowed to climb it, doing so indicates disregard for local sentiments. For the Aboriginals of this region, Uluru’s spiritual significance does not allow them to climb it, but simply regard it as a means to attain a spiritual connect.
Mount Kailash

Exploring the mystique of Mount Kailash cannot begin without mentioning Tibet. Also known as the Land of the Snow, or the Roof of the World, Tibet has been a region shrouded in eternal mystery for the western world. Seekers of spiritual peace have been coming to Tibet to soak in its age-old wisdom since ages.

Here amidst the towering Himalayas stands the holy Mount Kailash, a spiritual site for followers of the world’s 3 oldest religions – Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism, along with the Bon religion as well. Despite being an ancient center of spiritual power, people actually visiting Mount Kailash are numbered.

It is believed that making a pilgrimage to Mount Kailash is somewhat a matter of fate; may it be the arduous terrain, or the equally arduous political scene here in Tibet. Each person arriving here comes with the purpose of circumambulating this mountain, and the religion you belong to charts your methodology (clockwise for Hindus and Buddhists, counterclockwise for Jains and Bonpos).

But even otherwise, you may just come here to soak in the energies that rejuvenate your spiritual being and bring you peace. You certainly don’t need a religion to tell you that.

Those of you coming to Greece in search of a spiritual awakening will not head in the direction of Mykonos or Santorini, but come straight to Meteora, and understandably so.

Meteora, quite literally, means suspended in the air, and shares an etymological connection with meteorite. Meteora is home to a large complex of Eastern Orthodox monasteries, built on natural pillars made of sandstone. There is evidence of these caves being continuously inhabited since the Paleolithic period. But it was in the 9th century that a group of hermit monks made these caves their residence, right here in these crevices, at a height of 550 meters from ground level.

The tranquil atmosphere of these caves provided the perfect setting for these reclusive monks, who came here in search of isolation. Meteora may be a tourist attraction today, but this doesn’t take away anything from its reputation of being a spiritual paradise.
Mount Sinai

It has been a matter of great speculation whether Mount Sinai as we know it, is actually the Mount Sinai of yore. Abrahamic religions believe Mount Sinai to be the place where Moses received the Ten Commandments. Irrespective of this being the real location, Mount Sinai in Egypt does have something to offer to those coming here in search of spiritual wisdom.

The St. Catherine monastery here, is supposedly the oldest functioning Christian monastery in the world. Also, the summit of Mount Sinai has a mosque and a Greek Orthodox chapel. But really now, have we been able to confine spiritual energy within man-made walls?

Hard to answer that. But here’s an alternative – follow the recommendation to climb the mountain on a moonlit night, and experience the sunrise on the summit of Mount Sinai the following morning. If that sight does not awaken your spiritual senses, little else will.
Great Barrier Reef

Is there a place of worship down here? Or a lost city on the lines of Alexandria? Or a little-known shipwreck?

No. No. And no. The reason why the Great Barrier Reef finds a place on this list is because of its mystique, and the fact that it offers us a glimpse into the so-called underworld. A world where we are powerless, despite our highly-developed brain and bipedal locomotion. Which brings to our notice how insignificant we are in the larger scheme of all things earthly. Does it make us feel small? It sure does. Along with this, it also teaches us to acknowledge that there are several things beyond our control. Also, when confronted by Mother Nature, our only reaction should be total surrender.

If a dive here does not lead to spiritual nirvana, try a trip to the summit of Mount Everest, or a lone journey on the Karakoram highway, or a trip to see the northern lights.

A holy city torn apart by conflict, Jerusalem has been in the eye of the storm since the past 3000 years. Being the spiritual center for three monotheistic religions, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, Jerusalem has attracted the devout from all over the world.

Today, Jerusalem stands tall amidst fears of it being ripped apart by the very people who come here seeking spiritual solace. Be it the Haram al-Sharif, or the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, or even the Western Wall, you hear whispers of prayers, wanting Jerusalem to belong to them – exclusively.

History reverberates within the four quarters of this city. This is the place where Jesus Christ was crucified. This is where Solomon built his temple. This is also the site of Prophet Muhammad’s ascent to heaven.

Finding peace here may not be easy. For obvious reasons, the ones who run the show here do not welcome you with open arms; rather, they revel in their means to create bias. But, if you are successful in shutting off the mayhem around you, do try to take in the rich spiritual connect that Jerusalem holds. You are sure to strike gold.
We set out on a pilgrimage, or to a place of worship seeking spiritual enlightenment, and it may only leave us disillusioned, and hungry for more. But, it is funny how spiritual consciousness bumps into us at the most unlikeliest of places – at a busy traffic light, as we doodle at a dowdy work meeting… just about anywhere.

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