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Questions To Ask When Renting Or Buying a Cottage



Ontarians are known for their love of the cottage and ever since the start of the pandemic, interest in cottage living has grown dramatically. If you’re considering renting a cottage (or even buying one) see below for some key questions to ask and consider before you rent or buy. 

  1. Can the cottage be easily accessed by road? What is the route like?
  2. Do you desire privacy or are you happy with neighbors close by? Figure out your comfort level before you book.
  3. Water Access. Are you close to the lake? What is the distance to the lakefront?
  4. Amenities and Food. How far is the local town? Are their restaurants and grocery stores nearby?
  5. Travel Time. How far away is the cottage from your home? What is traffic like on a typical day and holiday weekend?
  6. Are things like canoes onsite or close by for rent? Are there local attractions?
  7. Fishing and Boating. Can you fish on the lake? Are boats easily accessible?
  8. Can your pet come with you? Is the area safe for your pet?  
  9. Rental Income. If you buy the cottage, is it desirable to rent out?
  10. Is the cottage equipped with a septic tank? If yes, this could affect everyday tasks like what you can flush down a toilet or what can go down the drain.


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