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Prettiest Picnic Spots Across Canada

Photo: streetsoftoronto on Instagram 

We’ve been waiting months for the first warm breeze of a Canadian summer, and it seems that pleasant temperatures are finally here again. Try enjoying the gloriously warm rays by dining outside with Mother Nature, and packing a family lunch or a romantic dinner for two to eat at one of the many beautiful public parks in Canada. It’s important to take advantage of these sunny spots while the warm weather lasts, as you never know how the winds will change during a Canadian summer. We have chosen the best of the best parks for you to lay down your red and white checkered blanket at to dine on cheese platters and sip on wine with your significant other. 

High Park

Toronto’s High Park has 18 designated spots for large groups to have picnics. If all of the picnic tables are full, lay a blanket down underneath the budding cherry blossoms. You can also pick up food on Bloor Street if you were unable to pack a meal from home. 

Trinity Bellwoods

Once the warm weather hits, it is difficult to make your way through Trinity Bellwoods Park without seeing someone enjoying a meal under the trees. This park also has a baseball diamond, wading pool, dog park and sports courts for you to enjoy before or after your picnic.

Parc du Mont- Royal

For many Montreal locals, this park is a classic destination for a picnic. Mont-Royal offers a romantic breath-taking view of the entire city below, as the park resides on a hilltop. But, be aware, as this park is typically bustling with tourists trying to capture that perfect Instagram-worthy shot on hot summer weekends. 

Rideau Falls

These falls are located in the downtown core of Ottawa, yet you would hardly know it as they are completely enveloped in greenery. The park which houses the falls is also home to many memorials and monuments, which is a great learning experience for children. There are also many patches of grass in the park to enjoy picnics on.

Brewers Park

Brewers Park is truly a family park as it has several playgrounds, baseball diamonds and sports fields. The park, which sits across from Carleton University, also has a splash pad for young children to enjoy, as well as a pond. Within the park you will also find legal graffiti walls, making it a very colourful place to have a picnic.

Crab Park

This Vancouver park is located on the Portside of Waterfront Road. Crab Park allows you to enjoy the stunning downtown landscape while avoiding giant crowds. This park can be easily accessed by foot or bike, and makes for a great picnic location. From the park, you’ll have a clear calming view of cruise liners entering and leaving the waterfront, as you enjoy your outdoor meal. 

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