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Planning to Tour Alaska on a Cruise? Here are a Few Helpful Tips

A cruise vacation is a dream for many people around the world. Certainly, laying back and relaxing in your cabin, reading a romantic novel or walking around the deck gazing at the vast expanse of the sea is not something that you can do in your daily lives.

The Alaskan cruise is one of the most popular cruises in North America, and a great way to see this huge state. You can enjoy the picturesque views of the dense forests, mighty snow-clad mountains, shining glaciers, exotic wildlife, tiny villages etc., through this great journey.

Choosing the Right Cruise Liner

This being a very popular tourist destination on the global map, there are many big players in the cruise industry that operate around this state. Celebrity Cruises, Holland America, Silversea, and Royal Caribbean are some of the top-notch operators that you can go for. Each of these companies provide exotic cuisine, great sightseeing, and exciting recreational activities. However, you will find variations in the package costs, and must select the one that best suits your purpose and budget.

Voyaging at the Right Time

Alaska is a land of extremes. The winters here are freezing and in some parts, beyond the resisting capacity of human beings. The best season to travel is between May to September and this is also the time when most of the cruise tours operate. Even during this season, it can still be relatively cold, so ensure that you have enough woolens to protect yourself.

Planning the Vacation

Since the tourist season is short, availability is limited. Therefore, it is best to book as early as possible. Also, you can take advantage of cheaper prices by planning early. Contact the nearest cruise liner’s office and get a brochure of the different tour packages that they are offering. Look for the best deals and then start packing for your vacation.

Sightseeing and Activities

Sightseeing forms an important part of your cruise vacation. The beauty of the state ranges from mystic snow peaks and dense forests to isolated villages and towns, ice packed glaciers, and tall waterfalls. There is plenty to do and see from glaciers and whales, to fishing, hiking, kayaking, and biking. It is often said that Alaska is too big to see and experience in one lifetime, let alone a single vacation. Don’t forget to check with your operator regarding the shore excursions.

Watching the Whales

Besides, whales are a popular attraction during the voyage. Humpback and killer whales are present in large numbers. Sea lions, and seals are abundant and sea otters are occasionally seen. Generally calm waters make this an ideal setting for viewing and photographing wildlife and scenery.


Apart from the adventure, you can also take in the native history and culture by walking down the streets of its towns, and visiting the local shops and museums. No trip is complete without a souvenir to remember it. And how can one forget that cruises are also meant for some relaxation. The calmness of the sea can be the perfect setting for some ‘me’ time and a nice afternoon nap in the confines of one’s cabin.

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