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Incredible Must-See Winter Waterfalls Across Canada

Photo: Tiffany Falls


We’ve all heard TLC sing “don’t go chasing waterfalls,” but when they’re as enchanting as Canada’s frozen waters it’s hard to resist! For those non-skiers and boarders who prefer to stay off the hills this winter, Canada has no shortage of jaw-dropping, towering waterfalls that will leave you in awe. From the tall mountains and snowy forestry in British Columbia to the icy trails in Ontario, you are sure to grab a breathtaking photo of these beautiful cascades wherever you go.


Helmcken Falls

Located in British Columbia’s 5000km Wells Gray Provincial Park, Helmcken Falls are a true symbol of Canadian wilderness. At 141 meters tall, the falls are almost three times the height of Niagara Falls. Helmcken Falls can be seen up close and personal through an adventurous 8km hike or from a drivable public viewing platform for those who prefer the warmth of their car. With 39 other waterfalls to explore throughout the entire park, the photographic possibilities are endless.


Brandywine Falls

Known for its lush greens in the summertime, Brandywine Falls is just as surreal in the winter. Situated 20 minutes south of Whistler, Brandywine Falls are a perfect pit stop for those travelling to mountainside resorts. Following a short 1km trail, viewers are faced with the spectacular 70-meter waterfall. Its most distinctive feature is the surrounding cavern which contains rockslides that have crumbled from the walls over the last several hundred years.


Tiffany Falls

Peacefully located in the town of Ancaster, Tiffany Falls is a great hidden escape just outside the bustling scene of Toronto. Only a short walk from the nearest road, it takes minutes to be transported to this natural wonder. Although not the tallest waterfall in the Hamilton area, the large icicles, sometimes in the bright shades of blue and orange, showcase Ontario’s raw beauty. As an added perk, the Hamilton Conversation Authority allows its fellow thrill-seekers to go ice climbing.


Inglis Falls

With the Niagara Escarpment running through its backyard, Inglis Falls is one of the most visited cascades in Owen Sound, Ontario. Found in the heart of the surrounding 200-hectre conservation area, Inglis Falls is 18 meters high. It’s remarkable ice formations, glacial potholes and old growth forest make this magical frozen land a snowshoe lovers dream.



Photo Credit: Hamilton Conservation Authority

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