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How to go to Las Vegas on a Budget – Tips, Tricks and scams Exposed

If you have the desire of going to Las Vegas on a budget, then you should stick with me because I have some tips, tricks, and scam exposure in my sleeve, based on personal experience. I want to help you plan your trip to Las Vegas as inexpensive and as cheaply and budget friendly as possible so that you can have some extra cash in your pocket to spend on other things to make your stay more comfortable.

Las Vegas is a great and wonderful place to spend your leisure time in but there is a side of it that you can get swindled and this article is to help you out.

The first thing you want to consider is your flight to Las Vegas. Depending on where you are coming from, you might save some money based on your rout especially if you are coming from Canada. You are going to save a lot of money when you take off from the closest U.S. airport rather than taking off from Canada. your best solution is to try to cross the boarder into the United states to fly to Las Vegas.
This will literally save you at least $300.00 to $400.00.

If you fly from Canada Vancouver Airport to Las Vegas it will cost you about 4 to five hundred dollars. but if you cross the boarder and Fly from Bellingham in Washington state, you can get a flight for $89.00 to $150.00 to Las Vegas. So it rally pays to cross the boarder to fly.
However, if you are coming from elsewhere even from abroad, I got you covered because you can still find out how you can save money on air tickets by checking on my article on 10 Tips for Getting Cheap Airfares To Anywhere.

Another issue with flying to save money is you luggage. be careful that you check on the baggage policy of the airline you are using because although the ticket might be cheap, you might have to pay for your luggage. If you are aware of this, you might decide to just have your carry-on with all what you would need for your vacation. This alone will save you a lot of money.

Another part about the booking process to go to Las Vegas is to book around pool season.  now if you don’t find it  necessary to be like out clubbing and like going to pool parties then book out of the pool seasons. In the wintertime it’s significantly cheaper. The pool season is from March to October. It’s always worth a shot to have a look at the off-season.
Another thing is is to really consider going to Vegas Sunday to Thursday. Going there on week ends is not a good idea because there is chaos like drunk people everywhere and like it is just crazy busy everywhere so I actually really enjoy going Sunday to Thursday because there’s not so many people there. The strip isn’t as busy and the malls and everything are a lot more quiet so I just find people are a lot more tamed Sunday to Thursday.

At the Ariport

One thing I wanted to talk about is when you actually land at McCarran Airport in Las Vegas,  one big thing I want to talk about is the taxicabs. There’s going to be a huge lineup of taxis to get into the taxis. You have to be very careful with the cab drivers.
The cab driver is going to kind of fill you out so even if you are new, don’t tell them even if it is your first time in Vegas don’t tell because what they’re going to do is to feel you out. They’re going to see if you know where you’re going or not and if they figure you out as a new comer, they’re going to take you the long way to get to your hotel even though it’s literally like a ten minute drive. They’re going to take you for a 30-minute drive to your hotel.

Just tell the cab driver as soon as you get in the cab can to take you through the highway and tell them exactly where you are going. That way the cab driver knows they know that you know where they’re going. The cab ride should be like 10 to 15 maybe max $20 so just keep that in mind any taxicabs that you get into, you need to be really clear about which way you want to go or else they’re going to take you literally on a ride

The Hotels
Hotels are an entity within themselves so my first suggestion is when you just arrive is to go sign up for a total rewards card or an M life card depending on where you’re staying. That way I find personally that hotel pays better attention to you, and there are special lineups in the hotels for total rewards customer for example if you are signed up with their rewards program they will treat you better. They’ll give you better deals and they’ll give you discounts for booking next time I’ts important to get the card because you’re going to be treated a hundred times better than if you are just a regular customer. If you are looking for a good hotel that has a vacation adventure package, you might want to check on the las vegas resort daddy

Room upgrade 

In the hotel, you want to ask them if they have any room upgrades. I was able to upgrade for example at my hotel, I was able to upgrade from a standard room up to one of their really amazing Suites for pretty much an extra twenty bucks a night so it’s totally worth it and if you want you can fly the little $20 bill to the person at the teller there and say hey have you got any room upgrades for me, trust me it works, and especially if it’s your birthday or like a special occasion it’s always worth a shot to ask them if there’s an upgrade. It’s always good to let them know kind of what’s going on so that they can, in a way, tailor to what you need.

Mini fridge
Vegas can actually really rip you off in terms of food. I realized that there was a way of eating in Vegas that was a lot cheaper and easier and everything so I have to say getting that mini-fridge was a game changer for me because I figured out that I was able to save a whole ton of money with snacks and everything and you know ten dollars here ten dollars there to get a snack at Starbucks a snack here back there it can turn into like a lot of money and that’s where Vegas kind of gets you is the snacks, and like little treats and in between meals kind of thing. What I do is, I will go to the local corner store as soon as I get to Vegas I got my mini fridge I get up to my room I get settled I go to the corner store  down the street or Walgreens and I will load up on snacks so that I are able to eat kind of in those weird in-between times and save money that is a huge huge money saver.

The Outlets
when I am in Vegas I will go to the South outlets and the North outlets first before doing any shopping on the strip I will always go check out the outlets first and then save a little bit for shopping on the strip because there are some special things on the strip that you can’t find anywhere else. Another thing is, if you’re getting any kind of memorabilia for your family and friends. You know the famous Las Vegas shirts and shot glasses and mugs. if you want to get like a Las Vegas shirt or a mug or shot glass or any kind of things like that my number one tip is to go to Fremont Street just head down to Fremont Street and I’m not even kidding you guys I found the same shirts the same mugs the same shot glasses on Fremont Street for about 1/8 of the price of what they Ire on the strip so if you want to get any kind of gifts or anything like that any clothing that has Las Vegas on it take the time to go down to Fremont Street it will be way way way cheaper

The Casino

In the casinos you’re going to come across a lot of people that try to pull you aside and tell you about this great deal or can you buy this rap CD? all the way to skincare products. People in the kiosks at the mall will be pulling you aside trying to get you into spending like two to 300 dollars on skin care products that you don’t need and you’re going to have people in the casinos pulling you aside and saying hey how long are you in town for that is the number one thing you have to be listening for is “how long are you in town for”, do not get caught into anyone trying to pull you off to the side to talk to you about anything you don’t know about. Do not engage them. Just keep looking straight ahead and ignore them. what I do is, I sometimes respond to the people if they say “hey how long are you in town”?. I Just say I’lll be leaving tonight and they go and will leave you alone because what they’re trying to do is wrap you into things. just keep looking ahead. They’re just trying to take your money and that’s one unfortunate part of Vegas

Show tickets

There’s going to be people on the street trying to convince you into buying show tickets. there are these little booths that are called like cheap ticket sales there’s one at Fashion Show Mall and there’s one out front of the M&M factory on the strip. They’re not necessarily the cheap tickets. What they do is, they buy wholesale tickets off the hotels and then they will sell them for  a slightly lower price than what the actual show would sell them to you. But they will charge you service fees, they’re going to charge you all of these additional charges and by the time you’re done paying for the tickets, you’re paying pretty much the same price as anyone else who went up to the actual show box office and bought the tickets and sometimes even higher. Just go to the hotel directly go to the box office of the show that you want to go to and buy your ticket there.

All right guys so those Ire my tips for, going to Las Vegas on a budget

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