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How to Get Discounted Admission Tickets to the Famous Disneyland

Entering Disneyland is like getting into a different world altogether. It is a place where all the fantasies of a child come alive. With phenomenal Walt Disney characters like Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck greeting visitors, and a host of thrilling rides to choose from, Disney Theme Parks hold an enigmatic attraction for kids and adults alike. However, one’s fun-filled experience in this brilliant theme park does not come cheap. Disneyland admission tickets are quite expensive. However, there are a number of ways to avail Disneyland admission discounts.

Buy Online Multi-Day Tickets: Don’t let the cost of admission tickets of this theme park dampen your plans of spending a couple of days at Disneyland. In fact, purchasing multi-day tickets reduces the daily expenses at the theme park significantly. Although these tickets are available at Disneyland ticket booths, there are further online discounts available if bought well in advance from the Disneyland website.

Disneyland Annual Passes: For those who visit Disneyland frequently, buying the Disneyland Annual Pass is a great way to save money. The Premium Annual Pass allows a pass holder to visit Disneyland round the year, while the Deluxe Annual Pass allows access to the theme park for only 315 days in a year. The rest of the dates are marked as black out dates.

Southern California City Pass Discounts: Other than Disneyland, California is home to 4 other tourist attractions like the Universal Studios in Hollywood and Seaworld in San Diego. The Southern California City Pass Discounts are for those who want to visit all these places at discounted rates. Although this is a great way of saving one’s time and money, it is not for the Disneyland fans who do not want to compromise on the fun of their theme park in any way.

Birthday Discount: If it’s your birthday, and you want it to be extra special, then Disneyland is the place to be, as the theme park allows free entry to individuals on their birthday. All you need to do is register for this offer in advance and pick up your pass at the park producing proper ID proof. However, this offer is only for the person whose birthday it is and can be availed only on that day.

Disneyland Specials: It is always useful to check the Disneyland website regularly for special offers that the theme park keeps putting up from time to time. The most common offer provides a few extra days free on multi-day tickets.

ARES Travel Agency Discounts: ARES is a reputed ticketing and reservations company that handles online sales of tickets to a number of tourist attractions in California. Disneyland discount coupons are also put up for sale on the ARES website and can be bought without any doubt of the authenticity of these coupons.

Youth Education Series Program and Youth Group Discounts: Disneyland offers Youth Education Series (Y.E.S.) programs for 1st to 12th grade students. They are offered in the Resort theme parks on selected dates and enrolling for one can give you Disneyland tickets at discounted rates. Youth group discounts are offered on tickets purchased in bulk, for a group of 10 or more kids (aged 3 to 18).

Hilton HHonors Points: Hilton HHonors is Hilton’s guest loyalty program in which guests can accumulate points by staying with the Hilton family of brands. Good news is that these points can be used for obtaining Disneyland passes.

Discounts for DVC Members: Disney Vacation Club (DVC), as you might now, is The Walt Disney Company’s vacation timeshare division. If you are a member of DVC, you become eligible to obtain Disneyland tickets at discounted rates.

Buying in Advance: Buying hopper passes to Disneyland well in advance, can save you some money. With hopper tickets, you can ‘hop’ from one Disney park to another in a day and with that ticket, you are allowed entry into any of the Disney parks, any number of times. Well, not literally ‘any number of times’. The tickets expire 13-14 days after first use or after a specific date. Hopper tickets can come at relatively lesser prices, if booked in advance. But then, 1-park-a-day tickets are anytime cheaper than hopper tickets. However, you get to visit only one park in a day. Whichever type you choose to buy, booking the tickets in advance is the best bet to avail admission discounts for Disneyland.

Season Specials: Look for seasonal discounts Disneyland offers. You may be lucky to get discount tickets if you plan to visit Disneyland somewhere in winter or spring. Sometimes, they offer discount tickets for guests visiting them January through spring.

Disneyland Discount Tickets for California Residents

Passes for South California Residents: People residing in areas with zip codes ranging from 90000 to 93599 immediately qualify for Disneyland ticket discounts and discount on annual passes. However, the catch is that the ‘locals only’ annual pass is full of black out dates. These passes are a way of keeping the park alive during the off-season when there aren’t many tourists from outside visiting the park. In case you don’t mind this restricted entry, availing one of these passes can save you a lot of money.

California Teachers and University Students: If you are a student at one of the universities in Southern California, check with the student union for discounts on Disneyland tickets. Teachers in California are also entitled to such offers.

CSAA and AAA Members: CSAA and AAA are California automobile clubs that provide discounted Disneyland tickets to their members. However, be careful as many times these offers turn out to cost the same as the original deals of the theme park.

To keep yourself updated on the discount schemes being offered by Disneyland, keep checking their official website. You may come across some very lucrative admission discount schemes and other perks too!

Other Ways of Getting Discounts

  • Senior citizens can also get Disneyland discount coupons. However, this is subject to availability. One has to produce an ID proof at the time of purchasing these coupons.
  • There are discounted Disneyland tickets available for retired as well as serving military personnel.
  • Sometimes some large organizations in Southern California offer discounted Disneyland tickets to their employees.

It is the special attraction that Disneyland holds for people that brings millions of tourists thronging to this theme park each year. With the various options of getting discounts on Disneyland tickets, planning a Disney vacation should no longer seem a burden on your pocket.

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