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Explore These Lovely Vacation Spots in Alberta, Canada

The region of Alberta is among the Prairie provinces of Canada. Located in western Canada, this province is bordered by other provinces―Northern Provinces, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia. The vast tracts of pristine forest and wildlife attract lots of tourists to this part of the world.

Alberta’s Best

Waterton Lakes National Park: This park was formed in 1895. It lies on the border of Glacier National Park of Montana, USA. It is open for tourists the year round; however, the best season to visit is between July and August. The mountains and untouched wilderness accounts for 505 sq. km area of the park. Waterton Park townsite is the place where one can get all the commercial facilities. The highest point in the mountains of this park is Mount Blakiston. Height of the peak is 2,910 m. Cryptic Lake is a popular trail in this park. However, there are many other trails that the tourists can use.

Jasper National Park: The Jasper National Park is spread in an area of 10,878 sq. km and is marked by rugged mountains, valleys, forests, ancient glaciers, alpine meadows, etc; it is one of the important vacation spots in Canada. The remote location of Jasper National Park makes it a unique place to visit. It is also the largest of all parks that lie in the Rocky Mountain Ranges. Wild animals found in this area include caribou, elf, mule deer, moose, mountain goat, white-tailed deer, grizzly bear, bighorn sheep, beaver, black bear, hoary marmot, Rocky Mountain pika, mountain lion, gray wolf, wolverine, etc. Established on 14th September, 1907, the park was named after Jasper Hawes. The important attractions of this park are Mount Edith Cavell, Maligne Lake, Pyramid Mountain, Tonquin Valley, and Medicine Lake. Tourists can enjoy skiing in Marmot Basin ski area. The tour of Athabasca Glacier can be taken in bus-sized snowmobile vehicles.

Sunshine Meadows: A natural garden in the Rocky Mountain ranges, these meadows are situated at an altitude of 2,300 m. They within the boundary of Banff National Park. The natural garden lies on both sides of the Continental Divide. This region is perfectly suited for hiking. You can start your hiking tour from the Sunshine village ski resort. There are several trails which can be used by hikers and they are set by the Sunshine Village. Walking on these trails is not difficult and people of all ages can use them. One could also make use of the Sunshine Meadows Alpine Shuttle service which operates from mid-June to September.

Icefields Parkway: The Icefields Parkway is a road which is also referred to by the name Alberta Highway 93. This road is parallel to the Continental Divide and takes us through the mountainous landscape of Rocky mountains. The road ends at highway 1. It is necessary to have the Canadian national parks permit in order to travel along this highway.

These were some of the best vacation spots in Alberta. Make sure they’re a part of your Canadian holiday.

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