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Best Ways To Use Instagram To Plan Your Dream Vacation

Photo: germanakazazi on Instagram 

Showcasing the most refined versions of reality, Instagram has become the hub for travellers to gain inspiration before escaping on their next dream getaway. Today’s digital world has made it easier than ever to plan a trip from the surface of your smartphone, and social media only serves to simplify the process. For anyone looking for an “insta-worthy” destination, Instagram is a helpful resource when it comes to mapping out your destination. Social media-savvy travelers tend to document their experiences through compelling visuals that aim to tell a story. A geo-tagged photo is this century’s version of a postcard, ultimately changing the way we travel and share those experiences with our loved ones. Flooded with photos of snowy mountain tops, white sandy beaches and clear blue skies, Instagram has spawned a new trend of spontaneous travelers that aspire to “do it for the ‘gram”. Millennials are using Instagram as their personal travel diary, allowing their friends to follow their whereabouts and live vicariously through their captured moments. If you’re wondering how to use Instagram as a travel tool, look no further than these tips from Real Style. 

Keep up with your favourite travel bloggers

Following globetrotting bloggers is a great way to add some colour to your feed and awaken your inner travel bug. As they capture beautiful visuals of their explorations, these jetsetters aim to ignite wanderlust and provide great insight on where to stay, what to eat and how to travel. As Instagram has vividly transformed into eye candy for travel junkies, there is a growing desire to explore unique destinations that are thriving with culture.

Street style for your next destination

Travel in style, by using Instagram to completely immerse yourself in culturally exotic fashion trends. Fashion often plays a significant and defining role for many cultures, so you can sport the trendiest looks and get a true taste of foreign couture. Not only will you fit right in with the locals, but you could also use this tip as a way to pack lightly and travel efficiently; planning your outfits ahead of time could save you a lot more room in your luggage for new style finds. 

Travel advisories form airlines and hotels

Popular hotels and airlines are also keeping up with the Instagram trend, often using the platform to offer useful information and tips for aspiring travellers. Instagram is both visual and informative, providing users with more then just inspiration. While considering the practical aspects of travel like flights and accommodations, Instagram could be the secret to finding great deals and promotions, so that you can save money to enjoy the little things.

Discover the hidden gems

For those looking to escape reality, glossy brochures designed by travel agencies are so passé. Instagram has influenced a wave of social media-fueled tourism, where unique destinations that are unlike the traditional vacation packages are the new tourist hotspots. While planning your trip itinerary, use social media to stumble upon the most remarkable hideaways, restaurants and nightlife venues. Be sure to follow new accounts from local bloggers or foodies, who may offer you a taste of where you should eat, and what is best avoided. 

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