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Best Vacation Spots in Michigan for the Perfect Holiday Experience

Vacation spots in Michigan

united States is counted amongst the biggest global players in the tourism business, and Michigan has always been a vital contributor in building this reputation. Michigan is a state situated in the northeast frontier of United States, and is surrounded by four well-known lakes (Lake Michigan, Superior, Huron and Erie) around three sides. It is also known for its breathtaking countryside and other thousands of lakes present in and within the borders of the state.

With regards to tourism, Michigan has something for everyone, and I bet, none of your family members would get disappointed visiting this place! Be it kids, elderly, couples or teenagers, a visit to Michigan will be a complete delight for all!

Best Vacation Spots in Michigan

Detroit- The Automotive Center
Well, you could start your journey from this city, which is also the largest in the state of Michigan. Detroit is also known as the traditional automotive hub of the world. The city is a real treat for tourists, as it has a lot to offer and many things to do! There are several museums in the city which are worth visiting. Prominent amongst them are the Detroit Historical Museum and the Motown Historical Museum. Other tourist destinations and events in the city include the Greektown, civic sculpture of Marshall Fredericks’ Spirit of Detroit, Detroit International Jazz Festival, Detroit Electronic Music Festival, and many more! Besides these tourist attractions, there are many casinos and recreational centers always ready the ensure that you have a great time.

Drummond Island – Michigan’s Ultimate Playground
You’ve heard it right! Drummond Island is also addressed as Michigan’s ultimate playground, as there are many sporting and adventure activities offered at this place. Drummond Island is open for tourists throughout the year. Apart from indulging into adventure and sports, the island also offers picturesque views of the landscape ideal for photography and sightseeing. You can also have a great time watching the wildlife or spending your time shopping around the town.

Lakes- An Unforgettable Experience
If you are forgetting to include lakes in your Michigan travel itinerary, then probably you are missing the best romantic vacation spots in Michigan! The lakes in Michigan offer beautiful landscape, fishing facilities, and most importantly an enchanting boat ride! Visiting all the lakes would not be possible, however, you can at least visit a few of them and add to the fun and excitement of your tour. You can consider visiting lakes like Lake Arrowhead, Big Glen Lake, Lake Montcalm, Lake Superior, 16 Mile Lake, Wall Lake, Crooked Lake, and Derby Lake.

Grand Haven – A Perfect Getaway
Michigan is popular for the getaway places that it has. One such getaway spot along the coast of Lake Michigan is Grand Haven! This is probably amongst the best family vacation spots. Grand Haven is a beach, recreational center, as well as the best stop for adventure and sport lovers. It offers fishing, swimming, biking and hiking activities. Grand Haven is also popular for the singing sands! While walking on the sands, you can hear the slight squeaks and uttering beneath your feet, which seem like the sand is singing. The Classic Christmas Celebration is one of the great events that you can attend, if you happen to visit Michigan during that season.

Recreational Parks – Only Kids Allowed
Recreational and amusements certainly constitute the best fun vacation spots. Your kids will definitely love to have a good time at recreational parks such as Ford Field, Cabbagetown Park, Fish Hatchery Park, etc. And if this is not enough, you can always take your kids to lake shores for more enjoyment and fun, and let them have the time of their lives!
Eagle Harbor
Michigan Skyline

Lake Superior

Grand Haven
Mackinac Bridge

Tahquamenon Falls State Park
Marshall Fredericks’ Spirit of Detroit

Holland – The American Ones
We are talking about Holland city situated near the eastern shore of Lake Michigan. As the name suggests, Holland was a colony set up by the Dutch immigrants, but now is an ‘All American City’. It is gifted with people offering unmatched hospitality and warm service to the tourists. Although the city is small, it has many tourist attractions. Some of these are the Tulip Time Festival held in the month of May, Dutch Village Shopping Mall, and the sandy beaches coupled with many recreational activities.

Mackinaw City – Leisure Time
If you are in search of a silent and calm place, far away from the rush of routine life, then Mackinaw City is an ideal place! It is a small city located in the vicinity of the shores of Michigan and Huron. The principle tourist attraction over here is Mackinaw Island, which is state park and a virtual Victorian theme park. Automobiles are not allowed around here, therefore the best way to explore the place is either by foot, bicycle, or a horse carriage! Moreover, there are many art galleries, restaurants and hotels, that add to the beauty of this place.

I suppose you’ve got a good idea now about some of the best vacation spots in Michigan. Of course, this is not the end, and there are many more. But I’ll advice you to explore them yourself! Happy Vacation!

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