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Beauty of Northern Manitoba Shared On TikTok


This year has been hard for all and fans of travelling have been extremely limited on what and where they can go outside their own communities and countries. That’s why this story is interesting. In October, Vancouver native Micheal Downie and his father decided to explore the beauty of Canada in Churchill, Manitoba with the goal to connect with nature and see polar bears. Every year, hundreds of polar bears travel through Churchill on their way to the coast of Hudson Bay. Downie began posting his travels on TikTok and quickly racked up views along with attention from media around the country. 

“It was incredible, these animals are huge and they’re calm,” Downie told CTV News Channel. “This time of year they’re congregating in Churchill because that’s where the ice freezes first. They’ve been on land and haven’t eaten in months.  Travel’s been cancelled internationally, so I looked to British Columbia first where I could explore here and then Canada on a large scale, he said. “Churchill was open for travel back in October, so I decided it was my chance to make that trip that I’ve always wanted to do.”

Check out Downie’s first video below the full eight on TikTok. The beauty of the Northern Manitoba is undeniable.


Traveling to see polar bears with my dad. Part 1. #IntroVideo #HolidayVibes #fyp #train #viarail

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