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A Guide to Plan Your First Trip to Iceland

Tip for first trip to Iceland

Located just south of the Arctic Circle, in the North Atlantic Ocean, is Europe’s most sparsely populated nation, Iceland. Rightly termed as ‘the island of fire and ice’, the country features a delightful symphony of elemental forces. Despite the fact that almost one-third of Iceland is covered by ice, a lot of volcanic activity still continues there to create natural geysers and hot springs in abundance. But in spite of such powerful oddities of nature, the beauty of the island never ceases to stir the souls of visitors. As Lonely Planet has stated, “Iceland has that effect on people―it turns brutes into poets, and skeptics into believers”, and the warm and welcoming nature of the Icelanders is a bonus to the magic that the place creates.

Carrying the rich baggage of their glorious Viking past, the current generation of Icelanders have evolved into an independent and nationalistic creed, and have helped transform Iceland into a more socially and technologically advanced nation. The current high standards of living in the country do make it an expensive destination for tourists, but once you are there, Iceland will keep you craving for more.

Iceland for First-timers

Be it just relaxing in a geothermal lagoon, an adventurous glacial trek, or camping out in a quiet night to experience the magic of the Aurora Borealis or the Midnight Sun, Iceland will overwhelm you on plenty of occasions. If you are planning to visit this Nordic paradise for the first time, this Buzzle guide will help you plan a hassle-free trip.

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