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20 Reasons Why You Should Live on a Houseboat at least Once

Houseboat travel benefit
Did You Know?
✦ Aberdeen floating village is a houseboat and fishing community in Hong Kong.

✦ Houseboats can be seen on the backwaters of Kerala and on the Dal Lake in Jammu and Kashmir.

A houseboat or boathouse is a floating vessel that is designed for human dwelling. There are many types of houseboats such as catamarans, pontoons, and barges among others. They are built for various types of waterways. Many of them are driven by engines while some others are not motorized. The ones without engines are usually kept attached to the dock to provide easy access to land. The reasons for buying houseboats could be many. Some people buy them for recreational use while some others buy them for permanent living.

Living on a houseboat can be a gratifying experience for anyone. Here are a few reasons why you should live in a houseboat at least once in your lifetime.

Reasons Why Living on a Houseboat is Worth it
✦ Houseboats provide an escape from monotony. The calm waters and the beautiful nature make a great company. You live a much simpler life. You are in a floating house, and it’s a really different experience.

✦ When living on a houseboat, the views around you are amazing. The water that surrounds you, the cliffs and hills that you catch a glimpse of, the skies that change colors, and the fish and the birds, together make a spectacular view.

✦ With so much natural beauty around, you get to experience several moments worth treasuring. With so many things photogenic, shooting or taking pictures becomes an amazing experience.

✦ When on a houseboat, you realize why they say change is the only constant thing. Living on a houseboat means that your surroundings change pretty frequently. You closely experience the little changes in weather, temperature, and your natural surroundings. Life becomes all the more exciting.

✦ Watching the skies from a houseboat, is a beautiful experience. It’s amazing to watch the sunrise every morning. Watching the sunsets is equally beautiful.

✦ It’s fun to watch the night sky from a houseboat. Gazing at the sky on a moonlit night or watching the stars is a wonderful experience.

✦ You are free to travel anywhere, and at any time. You are the captain of your house!

✦ With waters in the vicinity, you don’t need to go far to engage in water sports. If you love these sports and are equipped with the right gear, you are free to enjoy them any time you wish to.

✦ Or you may choose to hire a kayak or a canoe and enjoy a smooth ride in the waters.

✦ The environment is peaceful and relaxing all through the day as you are away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

✦ Food availability is never a problem as you need not go far for fishing.

✦ And if fishing is something you love to do, you are free to engage in it when you want to.


Fishing from a houseboat

✦ Living on a houseboat gives you many romantic moments to cherish with your partner.

✦ The quiet surroundings and the scenic beauty, together create the perfect setting for a romantic date.


Romance in houseboat
✦ You may choose any spot and set up a blazing campfire on a still and starry night.

✦ Ocean cruises are a very different experience altogether. There’s much more privacy and calm. The views are splendid.

✦ You have the option of staying secluded and the convenience of changing your neighbors any time you choose to. That’s due to the ease of travel that houseboat living provides.

✦ There is no need for yard work.

✦ There are no parking issues as your vehicles can be kept on the boat itself.

✦ Living on a houseboat also teaches you some important lessons. You live minimally, there may be less space, and you may have to do everything by yourself. There is adventure and there are challenges.

Though the benefits of living on a houseboat are many, and the experience is worth taking at least once in life, there are a few disadvantages that come along. Those with motion sickness and vertigo may find it difficult to stay on a houseboat. The available space is limited. The costs involved in heating the boat during the colder months are very high. During the rainy season, floods are a possibility. There is a mooring fee associated with the docking of houseboats. Also, the investment in buying a houseboat is not small.

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