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10 Unassuming Resorts With a Spicy Twist

It might be challenging to choose the ideal location for your holiday. It can also generate conflict since some of us want to rest on holidays after a long year, while others prefer to blow off steam or seek new activities. This article will cover resorts that cater to both types—with a little twist added—whether you want to relax and soak up the sun or do something more active.

The ten resorts listed below provide more than just room service and pay-per-view movies. Unless you’ve already visited these fiery locales, keep reading to find out where you should plan your next vacation. We won’t pass judgment, but don’t kiss and tell…

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Puerto Morelos is a pretty enough place. A good location to wander around and practice your Spanish. A good place to sit on the sand and catch up on all the reading that you have been meaning to do. Or not.

Within walking distance of the town lies the Desire Riviera Maya Pearl Resort. This opulent complex caters to couples who want to spice things up a little. It has all the amenities of a luxury resort, but the emphasis is definitely on the carnal. Working under the motto “spreading sensuality throughout the year,” Desire offers entertainment, aptly named “pumping pool parties,” and a gym with cardio workouts. These cardio workouts might well be a necessary safeguard.

Puerto Morelos is a pleasant enough destination. It’s a nice place to go around and improve your Spanish. This is a great spot to relax on the beach and catch up on all the reading you’ve been meaning to do. Or maybe not.

Desire Riviera Maya Pearl is definitely a place to pamper yourself.

9 Vera, Spain

The Desire Riviera Maya Pearl Resort is located in close proximity to town. This lavish building serves  couples who wish to add a little spice to their relationship. It offers all of the facilities of a luxury resort, but the focus is very much on the sensual. Desire offers entertainment, including “pounding pool parties” and a gym with aerobic activities, n order to spread sensuality year-round.” These aerobic workouts may be an essential precaution.

Desire Riviera Maya Pearl is unquestionably a place to relax and unwind.


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The town of vera hotel spainVera, in the province of Almeria, is about six miles inland, yet the property extends all the way to the Mediterranean Sea. Vera Playa has all of the typical Spanish coastal attractions, including several bars and restaurants that line the beautiful beach. The beach’s northern half is available to naturists.

The municipal government has long wanted to lure nudists to Vera. In 2013, 729 naturists participated in the world’s largest-ever simultaneous skinny dip, organized by a group of enthusiasts. The fact that this is a naturist resort should not be overlooked. There isn’t a lot of focus on sexuality. With no clothes on, it’s good, healthy fun.


8 New Smyrna Beach, Florida

New Smyrna Beach, Florida

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Surfers are likely to be familiar with New Smyrna Beach, as the local waters are consistently ranked among the best in the world. The fact that New Smyrna is also known as “The Shark Bite Capital of the World” doesn’t seem to bother them. There are many activities to do in New Smyrna, but if you want to go to another beach, Playalinda is a good option. “Playa” means beach in Spanish, while “linda” means adorable, lovely, or beautiful.

To the north of New Smyrna is Playalinda Beach. This beach contains a naturist part, with one area popular with families and couples and another popular with homosexual men to the north. Playalinda is located near the Kennedy Space Center and is part of the Canaveral National Seashore. If you intend on going, keep in mind that there aren’t many amenities on the beach.

So, if you want to see a rocket launch while naked, this is the spot for you.

7 Hollywood, Florida


Hollywood, Florida - Complete Tour From Downtown to Hollywood Beach and Broadwalk!
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Hollywood offers several attractions despite being dominated by its neighbors Miami, and Fort Lauderdale. The lovely beachfront with its lengthy boardwalk is one of them.

If you’re searching for a place to stay in Hollywood, the Rooftop Resort is a good option. This is the hotel Eros would select if he were seeking for a somewhere to stay. When you see their tagline, “Dance Naked! – Party Naked! – Swim Naked!” you know exactly what to expect.

You get to decide whether or not you want to dress up for your visit. If you take the time to enjoy them, the hotel has fantastic ocean views.


6 Negril, Jamaica


Your Guide To: Negril, Jamaica
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Negril has a small population but covers a huge region on the island’s far west coast. In general, the residents of Negril let the magnificent island’s charms speak for themselves—the stunning beaches, watersports, and year-round warmth attract a large number of visitors without the need to preach to the converted.

Hedonism II is exempt from this caution. This resort yells and yells and yells and yells and yells and screams Because Hedonism II is about indulgence, it is not a place for introverts. And sexual gratification is a big part of the deal.

Clothing is not required in the enclosed area. The Kama Sutra Palace offers workshops and classes, as well as the Romping Shop Playroom, which caters to couples, single women, and vetted single males.

Hedonism II is riddled with contradictions. Although it was erected by the Jamaican government (and is now in private hands), public nudity is prohibited in the country. It’s only reasonable to presume that the authorities haven’t seen any of Hedonism’s promotional materials.

5 Lochailort, Scotland


Lochailort, Scotland
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Lochailort is a hamlet in the Scottish Highlands, surrounded by breathtaking landscape. It’s a nice area to unwind and hike around the hills. Although the weather in this area is unpredictable, it is a breathtakingly gorgeous portion of the planet.

It has Naturalist resort for retreats which is one of Lochailort’s few facilities. The center hosts naked hiking, fishing, boat tours, and other activities.  This is a family resort for those daring souls who desire to spend their vacation doing nude in Scotland.

The resort, however, did not begin as a naturist retreat. The vast building was originally transformed by a children’s charity to serve as a retreat for underprivileged families with children with a range of needs. Many of the children had (and still have) a limited lifespan. This resort provided respite for families who were exhausted from the demands of child rearing.

However, there were times of the year when the building was deserted. Jan and John, the proprietors, were seeking for something to fill the gaps when a member of British Naturism approached them in 2013 and asked if he might remain. Jan and John continue to administer the institution, which is mostly for children who are extremely underprivileged. The naturist facility operates on the basis of free dates and donates all proceeds to the charity. So, if naturism is your thing, you may do it here while also helping others.


4 Salinas, California


Salinas, California (Downtown Area)
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I’m not sure what John Steinbeck, Salinas’ favorite son, would have thought of the Stay and Play bed and breakfast in his hometown. If he needed a secure location to indulge his fantasies and obsessions, he could find one right outside his door.

Stay and Play, which bills itself as “Your Dungeon Away From Home,” caters to individuals who prefer bonding and domination. All activities are held in a separate structure, but the proprietors are constantly on hand to keep an eye on things and assist you. If you’re new to BDSM, the proprietors are happy to provide you with whatever assistance you require.

Because it is a popular site, it is best to reserve ahead of time.

There are several wonderful restaurants and things around if you have the energy. Although it’s generally preferable if you change before going out.

Mount Poconos (Pennsylvania) is number three on the list.


Lets Visit Mt. Pocono, PA
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Mount Poconos is a little village with a stunning setting. It draws people who wish to engage in outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, and camping. It is also home to the Paradise Stream Resort, which caters to amorous couples who prefer indoor activities.

There are 143 suites, two restaurants, two bars, and a nightclub in this enormous complex. The resort is billed as a “honeymoon hotspot,” with guests “entering the land of love,” according to the proprietors.

Even the most jaded couples will be entertained by heart-shaped baths, romantically adorned rooms, and a comprehensive entertainment program.

This is a great spot for newlyweds or those wishing to spice up their relationship.

The same corporation also owns two more resorts in the area.


2 Cottbus, Germany is number two.


A quick look at Brandenburg | Discover Germany
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Cottbus is a small town in the German state of Brandenburg. It has its charms, but it is unlikely to be on most people’s bucket lists of places to visit. However, there is a neighboring location that draws couples from all over the world.

Schloss Milkersdorf is a restored castle set in eerie, misty forests. It welcomes tourists to enter an erotic fairyland every Friday and Saturday evening. Here, anything is possible—you and your partner choose your own boundaries. Themed nights, such as a Roman orgy or an erotic castle night, create the tone and inspire even the most hesitant to participate.

Because the number of visitors at Schloss Milkersdorf is limited, it is usually preferable to book early. It’s a nightclub, not a hotel. The management has made arrangements with adjacent motels because you won’t be able to stay overnight.

You are not permitted to enter with mobile devices or cameras, which must be checked in at the cloakroom, in order to safeguard the identity of its guests… as well as any inhibitions

Dodgeville, Wisconsin is number one.


A Pretty Cool Hotel Tour : Episode 8 : Don Q Inn
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So far, we’ve focused our efforts on resorts that appeal to folks with more adventurous human appetites. That’s fine, but sometimes we just want to enjoy our adventures in the solitude of our own quarters. The Don Q Inn enters the picture at this point.

There are no nude pool parties or strippers here, but you may indulge in a few fantasies in one of their numerous themed rooms. Just keep in mind that it’s BROK! Bring your own kink with you. So don’t forget to bring your toys and leave your inhibitions at home.

The inn provides a range of settings, including two Roman-themed dens of debauchery, a Geisha-themed room, and a “Mid-Evil” room with shackles on the bed, despite the fact that it is not as lavish as the others on this list. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to “sleep” in a hot air balloon or have your own Arabian night. You’ll discover something to share with your spouse in areas decorated like a prehistoric cave or a lunar landing capsule.

Oh, and there’s a Boeing C-97 on the premises as well. While it isn’t open for overnight stays (so no indulgence in your mile-high fantasies), it is open for tours.

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